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Hello again!

Three entries in two days? I'm on a blogging roll!! Hahaha. No, just really getting rid of the backlogs.
Anyway, this is what I wore on the last day of summer class (May 23). Since it's the last day, siyempre kailangan um-effort! Siyempre kailangan lumandi malandi (cause it's the last chance to see my your crush at school). Haha. Kidding. half kidding.

On Settling Down


I'm posting this cause summer class ended and I wore this during the start of summer class. Ayayay! Since I now have nothing much to do, I'm trying to get rid of my backlogs haha

Recently, I found out that my best friend the year I studied pre-school at Ateneo was married. Then, when I had lunch with Ayessa, my best friend from that year in pre-school at Stella Maris (who took these photos by the way), we also ended up talking about her plans which involved marriage in maybe the next two years.  Hay kaloka! It was too much for me to process and I'm sorry but this topic really bothered me the whole day.

Seagreen Cafe and Lifestyle Shop

Remember that time Heidi, Mithi and I took that outfit post at DMSF? Well after our little shoot, I headed to Agro field for my brother's soccer practice. Right after, my mom, dad, brother and I had dinner at Seagreen. (Sorry for the delayed blog post!! I have so much backlogs) I've been wanting to try the place out forever because of one, I was attracted to the place's decor and two, I heard they didn't serve meat. I'm trying to live a healthy lifestyle so it'd be great to eat at a place where the temptation to get into my comfort zone and order a meat dish is less.



Pardon the mini-hiatus I had (again). It's not that I've been that busy but it's cause I didn't have internet access. My dad is adamant that if we want internet, my sister has to pay for it (cause she just graduated and is taking freelance projects) so until then, we're stuck with the Globe broadband tattoo stick (yes, Globe talaga. In case they want to sponsor me? *wink* haha).

Mixed Prints


I have a few more backlogged outfit shots but I decided to bump this up to the top because I love the way the photos turned out! I was reading through my old blog posts last night while cringing a bit because of the quality of the photos. I'm lucky now that I have friends with DSLRs that offer  I can force to take photos of me like Mithi, Ayessa and le blogger friends from Davao Fashion Bloggers group who share in my plight! Now with the availability of photog friends, all I have to worry about is updating my wardrobe! Haha :p



I'm giving away a pair of Ichigo shoes like the one I wore in this outfit post!

(or if you have someone here in Davao to claim the shoes, it's okay)

Sorry about this guys.
(On the bright side, the less people that join, the bigger your chance of winning! Haha)

Why only restricted to Davao?
I wanna meet my winner this time. :)


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Remember how in my last post I said that I wanted to feature the special people in my life in outfit posts? Here's another one. This my friend Heidi from Infinite Playlist. She was my classmate 3 out of the 4 years in high school but we only became really close in college.

Mother's Day


In this special edition blog post, I'm doing an outfit post featuring my mom! :)

I've always wanted to do an outfit post featuring me and the people I'm close to (or perhaps my fellow bloggers) and I'm glad that the first person to be featured in a pair post is my mom!

SouthSpot Workshop

This is where it all started!

Before I reveal that BIG news I was promising to reveal a few posts back, I want to tell you how and when it started. It started when Ms. Jill Palarca messaged us in the Davao Fashion Bloggers page tho invite us to give a talk on fashion for the teens enrolled at the Spotlight Summer Workshop. So last April 15, we went to give the talk. My talk was about the different kinds of style personalities.

Thinking of Titles is the Hardest Part


This is such a weird feeling to have. I've been staring at the computer screen for a while now, pressed for time and I honestly am coming up with a big fat blank right now. Normally, I would have something prepared beforehand to write about but I figured y'alls could use a break from my more intense topics. I can get a little too passionate about what I talk about in posts, right? So serious. Hahaha. 



The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or simply and widely known as Coachella happened around two weeks ago. However, that's not stopping me from posting my own festival-inspired look, what with music festivals happening here and there--Wanderland and Summer Solstice to name a few.

Comfort Zone


I think it was last week that my friend Allan tweeted "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" and I swear, that quote couldn't have come at a more opportune time. It's not only applicable to my friends who have just recently graduated or to those who'll be starting their new jobs, but also to me, a perpetual dweller of the comfort zone.


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