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Happy Holidays from me!

With Christmas day coming in 11 days, I am definitely feeling the holiday rush. There is the last minute holiday shopping to buy gifts for our loved ones and food for our feasts, and also the slew of holiday parties. And because everyone is busy, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. And the older we get, we forget to buy clothes or makeup for ourselves for those parties because of the holiday rush (I dont know about you but its kind of a thing for me to buy new clothes for the holiday season) which is kind of sad because WE DESERVE IT, especially for those times we have worked hard to earn it. Good thing there is online shopping to make things a bit easier!

Nothing Cool About "Kulugo": My Warts Removal Experience


A few weeks back, my sister and I got facials. It's been waaayy too long since my last one (12 years, in fact! Side story: I had my first and only facial in FIRST YEAR HIGH SCHOOL, because I was at SM, had just gotten my stipend from school and was bored. Haha. After that, di na nasundan--until about a month ago). Anyway, as the attendant was cleaning my face, she told me "Ma'am, may warts pala kayo. Andami o", and I was like, "where???" because I couldn't see any. 

I don't know about you, but when I hear the word "wart", I immediately think of something resembling a boil, only less red. And when you search for photos of either, Google shows really vile images--like the worst-case scenarios--that you can't help but associate that to uncleanliness and bad hygiene practices. And I wasn't unclean. I know I'm a little too low-maintenance when it comes to skin care, but I think I do enough (read: the bare minimum) not to call myself unclean.

The End of A Decade, Start of an Age


There comes a time when one outgrows something in her life--clothes, friends, boyfriends, blogs...

After 5.5 years on this blog, I think it's high time to say goodbye to this chapter in life. Blogging has always been about the writing for me. And lately, I wasn't happy with what I was writing because I wasn't writing for myself anymore. Reading my earlier posts made me miss the times I was just a new (small) fish in the pond of blogging.

It's going to be hard to adjust to not being a fashion/lifestyle blogger, with the need to document everything. I used to think, "how could people want to keep some part of their life private? It's fun to have people recognize you and get invited to events and get freebies and shiz", but you grow up and realize that it's tiring to live up to expectations, to keep up trying to be someone you're not.

I've given this a lot of thought, debating with myself back and forth but then I decided to just jump the gun. It's a scary thought-- to have to start from scratch, especially when I've gotten a taste of a good number of followers, page views and perks. But, like every plant needs pruning to make the branches grow, so do I.

I hope you'll still support my new blog. I've worked really hard for the new content and I'm pretty excited about it. I'll still be keeping this blog to look back on though, and btw, all my social media handles are still the same. :)



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