This is gonna be the last of my outfit posts with long hair for a time as I recently had my hair chopped off. I don't know what made me do it; maybe I've been (secretly) longing for a change some time and thought summer was the best time to do it cause I wouldn't have to face people as much, or maybe because I've always wanted to have (and pull off) short hair. Either way, I know if I thoroughly thought it through, I know I wouldn't have done it. So after my last exam, I just took the plunge.

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Some companies have been e-mailing me telling me to check out their sites but on principle, I don't advertise sites that I personally don't like. One such shop is They are an online shop that specializes in made to order dresses and gowns so unlike other online shops which have ready-made gowns, if you don't fit in a specific size (like maybe the dress fits perfectly but then it's too short on you), then this is the shop for you! My top pick are their strapless mermaid prom dresses.

Obrigada 2014


Last March 12, Martish invited some friends from the media (including us bloggers) and a few of it's loyal clientele & VIPs to Obrigada 2014 at the Northcrest Ballroom. Martish Marketing Co. is the exclusive distributor of Havaianas in Southern Mindanao and holds Obrigada ('thank you' in Portuguese) annually to thank everyone for the support for the previous year. At the same time, they also use the time to launch a new collection.

I've been really privileged to have been able to attend Obrigada. From 2012's green eco-chic theme to last year's nautical theme (which I wasn't able to go to!) and this year's vintage summer theme, Obrigada just keep getting bigger and better!



Blogging is no easy task.

This is what Pat, Rien and I realized when we shot a series of outfit shots at MTS last month. It may seem glamorous--we dress up, go to events, get paid or get freebies at times--but nothing glamorous ever comes without hard work. We're like a whole magazine staff rolled into one! We're our own stylist, photographer, (photo) editor, writer, PA (since we carry our own clothes to shoots!), social media promoter, layout/art director/editor--name every position in a magazine and chances are, we've done some work of it!

Best Cocktail Dresses of 2014 from

Since graduation season is among us, for sure there are celebrations left and right. In fact, my school's having their Senior's Ball or a formal graduation party tonight. So of course with more time on my hands (with only exams left for me this sem!!), I decided to post some graduation dress ideas for  either graduation day or your own senior's bash.
I wrote about some really stylish long dresses (and even wedding gowns!) which I found on recently, and mentioned that they have everything! Well, they also have some of the best and most affordable cocktail dresses for 2014.

Orchid You Not


Since it's graduation season (meaning the new graduates will soon be joining the work force), I thought of giving outfit ideas for the young professional. This one is for the yuppie working at a creative firm, meaning no strict dress codes. You're free to express your creativity and personality through your outfit. Think advertising, publishing, styling, and possibly, PR. 

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Who would've thought that you could buy wedding dress and related apparel online? Well, definitely not me.
I always thought that wedding dresses and bridal party dresses were always to be made. (Well, if I were to get married, I would have my dresses made). But I realize, not every bride has that option thus enter It's amusing to see how everything can be found online now, including beautiful ready-to-wear wedding dresses.

Plains and Prints S/S 2014 Collection


Plains & Prints recently released its much-awaited Spring Summer 2014 Collection in collaboration with one of the country’s famous designers, no less than Rhett Eala. This season’s designs take inspiration from various tropical elements and artistic moods that embody the fun loving yet smart and sophisticated look of the brand.



Hello once more!

Can you believe it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post? If you haven't noticed, chances are you're still a student, like me. Haha! It's March madness, as I like to call it. We are down to the last couple weeks of school and there's school work we have to do left and right. Thankfully though, the stars have aligned for me tonight and I (miraculously) have nothing major to submit tomorrow. :)


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