The 7-list: Signs that you grew up a Good Girl


I've always been acutely aware of how good of a goody-two-shoes I am--I was never one of the cool girls nor part of the cool group at school, I was socially awkward and I never rebelled. I grew up never really feeling confident in myself--except when it came to academics cause I knew in that, I at least had a fighting chance--until I went to college when I met my group of friends and they showed me that I had something to offer to the world. Even now that I'm not so much of a good girl, I think I still can't shake the good girl perception people have of me. Did you grow up like me too? Read on to find out:

#AskFarrah: Who Pays for the Bridesmaids' Dresses?


2014 Multil-colored Options cheap Bridesmaid Dresson Sale With  USD$ 114.99

When a bride asks you to be part of an entourage, it is usually expected that they pay for your bridesmaid dress. I guess that is partly why there's a running joke that some bridesmaid dresses that the brides choose are hideous; it could be that the bride really doesn't want to pay too much for a dress that she ends up choosing an ugly one that's within her budget, or maybe she just wants to be the star of the show. After all, it is her wedding. :))

Kidding aside though, let's face it. Usually, most brides can't afford to pay for the bridesmaids' dresses and bridesmaids are expected to pay for their own. But, just because she isn't paying for the dress, the bride-to-be shouldn't also abuse her "power" by picking a dress that's well out of the average price range since bridesmaids' dresses are only usually worn once. Well, I have a solution to fix all of that:




Classes ended for me a few days ago so finally, it's hello summer vacation for me! :)

This is what I wore to the last washday of the school year. I had one (my last for the sem!) exam that day and if you don't know this already, one tidbit about me is that I like to dress up on exam days that fall on washdays. Why? Cause if I bomb the exam, at least I'd look good but if I don't, then better. Beauty and brains, dibaaaa? (bodynalangkulang) Haha.

Celebrate #NationalFlipFlopsDay with Havaianas!


Ditch the shoes and don the season's trendiest flip-flops because here comes the sun! Just before long-planned beach escapades get rolling, kick off the season with the world's favorite brand of flip-flops! On March 27, Havaianas officially welcomes summer nationwide with National Flip-flops Day!

The 7-list: My Favorite Coffee Shops to Study at in Davao


When I was studying in UP (mostly in my first year anyway), my friends and I would troop to coffee shops along Katipunan during finals week to go on dates with our books, camp out and do our papers. A big part of the reason why we did it was cause our dorm did not have internet then, so it was a necessity. There were also fringe benefits like seeing cute guys around while studying. =)) (#medyomalandi but hello, wag na tayong magplastikan, we need inspiration while studying)

I don't frequent coffee shops in Davao as I did in Manila. We have internet at home, I'm trying to cut back on spending and calories (haha!) and I find it counterproductive to stay up all night to study (I need my sleep if I'm to function well in the morning). Sometimes though, having to study in a coffee shop can't be avoided, especially when I can't concentrate at home or when I have group work. I'm not a med or a law student but I think I've been to enough coffee shops to know which ones are most conducive to studying (at least for me), which one has the cute guys (*wink*) and which one is open 24/7. In honor of Finals Week, I present to you my list of 7 of the best coffee shops to study at in Davao. I picked 7 cause that's my favorite number although I admit it was hard to narrow the list down to 7! :)

Fitness: Boxing & Conditioning Workout



It's been awhile since my last fitness post, and in the last one, I promised I'd post a bit about my workout. This is a boxing workout I did at Empire Boxing Davao. I got a free workout because of my last post but only got to avail of it recently cause I live in the other side of town. We had a technical exhibit at SM Davao which required us to be there for a couple of days. So, since I was in that area anyway, not enrolled in the gym at the moment and in need of a workout, I ended up at Empire. Everything worked out to my favor. Huehue

Havaianas Obrigada 2015



Every year, Martish, Southern Mindanao's exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas, celebrates Obrigada ("Thank You" in Portuguese) with Davao's press and bloggers as a way of saying thank you for their support for the brand after all these years. It's also a chance for Havaianas to update the media on their latest activities and events as well as showcase their latest collection.  I've been invited no-fail to these gatherings and I've always loved attending! I always say Martish throws the best events--every little detail is painstakingly cared for, and this year's Obrigada was no exception!

A Simple T-shirt DIY (+ What to Wear to the BIGGEST Paint Party of the Year!)



The BIGGEST Paint Party is hitting Davao in less than a week!

This Saturday, March 14, Raveolution Neon Utopia hits Davao for its first leg of tours around the country. I don't normally go out during Araw ng Davao events cause there's people everywhere BUT after a hellish couple of months filled with consecutive submissions, I need a release ;) I've already got my tickets and my shirt (can anyone say excited?) but problem is, I don't like the shirt's neckline. So, I thought of doing a little DIY project.

Rolled Out of Bed



Happy March 1st!

Can you believe how fast the year is going? I've been MIA a lot since I've been plenty busy. I was catching up on school work and thankfully, everything paid off. My grades usually drop during Midterms (cause of the holiday hangover) but because of all the additional studying I did, my midterm grades surged, so all the effort I put into studying paid off! Just a little push more then hello fifth (and last) year!! :)


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