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Happy March 1st!

Can you believe how fast the year is going? I've been MIA a lot since I've been plenty busy. I was catching up on school work and thankfully, everything paid off. My grades usually drop during Midterms (cause of the holiday hangover) but because of all the additional studying I did, my midterm grades surged, so all the effort I put into studying paid off! Just a little push more then hello fifth (and last) year!! :)


Anyway, since I've been busy a lot, I can't bring myself to think of outfits cause I'm either catching up on sleep or my TV shows. In fact, I was wearing this outfit (minus the cover-up) at home one Sunday. We had a shoot for the officers running for student council scheduled for 1 pm and while I had taken a bath and everything beforehand, I fell asleep while waiting for the best time to leave and to make a long story short, I woke up at 1:15pm!! Eff! If you read the last post, you know how I hate being late so I ran like a headless chicken and put on the cover-up before leaving. Good thing it was a Sunday so shorts were allowed in school.


My outfit literally took me back to the good old days in UP when I'd go to class in house wear (pambahay). My class was at 7am back then and my dorm was right in front of my building so I could get away with it. :P Ateneo has a dress code though so this called for a "leveled-up", "dressier" version. I thought it worked despite being unplanned though, didn't you? :P


pambahay4SOUL Lifestyle cover-up || H&M shorts || Yosi Samra flats


PS. How do you like the outfit (AND MY NEW BLOG LAYOUT)?? :)
I love comments more than page views! ;)


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