10 Things About Farrah



I've had these set of photos for quite a while now but could never think of what to write about. Then, I remembered getting tagged in one of those "20 things about me" posts on Facebook some months ago but could never get around to answering them. So, now that I'm relatively free (my exam weekS ended yesterday, and on a pretty good note nonetheless), I thought I would indulge myself in writing a post...about myself (Sooooo narcissistic. LOL). I only kept it at 10 cause I can't think of anything more than that.

1) I can live on pasta and cheese alone. LOL. That's been my comfort/go-to food (if I don't like the ulam) since I was 5 years old.
2) "I can put my whole fist in my mouth, wanna see?" If you know where that line came from, then you, like me, must love Mean Girls. :)) I think I memorized every line from that movie!

3) I'm a stickler for being on time. Whenever I'm on the road and the call time nears, I get all jumpy and nervous. I don't like making people wait because I also don't like to be kept waiting.


4) My most irrational fear is cracking an egg open and having a chick come out. It's irrational because the eggs we usually eat are unfertilized, but I still can't help it. =))

5) The longest relationship I've been (and am in) is 9 years....and that's with my hairdresser. LOL. Only Alex touches my hair. =))

6) I may look like a snob but I'm super mababaw and jologs. The littlest things make me laugh, I easily get kilig and Filipino movies make me cry.

7) Related to #6, people probably mistake me for a snob cause I don't usually approach people first cause I'm shy. But if you talk to me first, I'll make conversation with you naman. Sometimes, I find it easier to talk to older people or professionals (like PR people, owners, etc I meet during events) than my peers.

8) I feel like a beki magnet. Most people get put off my BRF (bitchy resisting face) but bekis don't. I can't tell you how many beks have approached me and struck up conversations with me while waiting in line, in the mall, etc. I probably wouldn't be friends with my beki friends if they hadn't talked to me first. (Random realization after typing this: maybe bekis are just naturally friendly and feel ko lang talaga I'm a beki magnet cause I have lots of beki friends)


9) I hate confrontation and would like to avoid it as much as possible. Unnecessary drama is so exhausting.

10) I don't normally treat (or make libre) my friends. So if I did/do to you, you must be pretty special. LOL


Anything we have in common? Haha


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  1. #2, #9, and #10! Hahaha.
    And regarding #8, baka you have the "fag hag vibe." My gay friend taught me that term. A best/close girl friend is a fag hag. :)

    1. HLT! HAHA

      #9--so over that stage LOL
      #10--ganun kasi ata talaga tayo sa group natin. not vocal, not touchy, not libre-y but we all know we love each other :)

      and I learned something new today! FAG (Farrah Angelica Garcia) HAG =)) very apt!



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