Fitness Friday: Boxing at Empire


I'm not the fittest person as you obviously can tell. I've always abhorred PE and was among the worst at it. I started going to the gym around summer of 2009 when Heidi invited me to but I wasn't consistent (and persistent) so my weight kept yoyo-ing. I started becoming more serious at committing to exercise and a healthy lifestyle last year that instead of a monthly gym membership, I got a one-year membership. But, doing weights and cardio on alternating days gets old so I surprised myself (and my family and friends) when I started boxing. 

GNO at Mono


Seeing me out partying is like seeing Haley's Comet: super rare! I seldom go out to party. I very much prefer a chill night out involving dinner and drinks, usually with people who know me best (high school friends, blogger buddies and cousins), although I make a few exceptions for events. ;) About two Fridays ago, Janvie, Davao's party prince, invited my bloggies and I to try out Mono After Office and Club Echelon.

Sweater Weather Giveaway (CLOSED)


On our third day in Japan, one of the things on our itinerary was a university visit so I made sure to look the part. The same day was also the day we'd be moving to our respective provinces so I made sure to be in something comfy. I wore my dad's sweater. He didn't know I brought it with me, though days prior to my departure, he's been offering to let me (no, bugging me even) take it. Cute dad is cute. 

Shibuya Roll Call


After the orientation and discussion, the whole of group A decided to stay a little longer to talk about post-dinner plans. A lot of us wanted to go to Shibuya to shop and check out the famous crossing, so it was then that we worked out logistics, mapped out routes and even calculated how much time we'd spend at dinner, how much time we'd have to look around, travel and get back to the hotel before curfew! I guess you could say it was like our own secret mission, but we all agreed that that was the time we became united as a group. That's when we became #TeamAWalangIwanan.

#MagandangHapon Day 2: Asakusa


Our second day in Japan started bright and early. We had a buffet breakfast at the hotel. I was a bit surprised to see that they served french fries and pasta(!!!) (and here I thought I wouldn't get to eat Italian for 9 days!) in the morning, but other than that, everything was standard fare. Our agenda for the day was to visit Asakusa, one of Tokyo's top tourist spots, and have our orientation in the afternoon. I'll be splitting my second day into two posts, cause that night we got to see the other, more modern side of Tokyo. Such a play in contrast, right?

#MagandangHapon Day 1: Ohayo Tokyo


I realize it's been more than a week already since I've left Japan. How I seamlessly got back to my routine makes me feel like the trip I took was just a dream. I have to look at my photos over and over again before it sinks in that yes, I was there. I was in Japan. Thinking that I was just in Japan up until a week ago is beyond me. I've put off writing about my Japan trip for two reasons. One, academic work. When I got home, I had 2 long exams waiting for me the very next day (I took 9 in total; 4 on Monday. ikr?). Second is, I did not know how to begin. I had 3 memory cards filled with photos and videos. How can I even begin to start editing? I just wanted to savor my hangover from the experience for a few days, but at the same time, I just couldn't find the right words to say. How does one write about a trip that gave so much to learn, so much to treasure, so much to remember?

Saging Repablik Bloggers' Night


I took my last 4 exams today so hello sem break and hello blogging! Before I start posting about Japan, I have to get rid of a few backlogs first. So the night before I left for Manila a month ago, Saging Repablik invited a few bloggers over to try their latest menu offerings. Well, I've already tried and liked (and even written about Saging Repablik here!) so I  didn't mind paying another visit just to try some other items on the menu.

Hello from Tokyo!


I've been very blessed. I'm currently in Japan for the JENESYS program. I arrived last Monday and it is my first time here. I'm extremely lucky that I was able to come at a minimal cost! The Japanese government shouldered most of the expenses for the trip, save for the pocket money which had to come from our own pockets. Even still, I've been very blessed and fortunate that I have really generous relatives who made sure I had enough to really enjoy this trip. Today is our last day in Tokyo though and would you believe there was a typhoon this morning?! When we left Chiba, which is an hour's bus ride away, the winds were crazy strong, but when we got to Tokyo at around 1 pm, the sun was shining bright! :)  

striped top: H&M || plaid polo: thrifted || shorts and shoes: SM department store
For most of the week, we were on a tight schedule. We've been given a little free time today so I sneaked in some time to post! Can't wait for the next few days and can't wait to show you what I've been up to! :)
Hope you like this simple outfit from the Saging Repablik Bloggers' Night held about a month ago (eep!).


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