Fitness Friday: Boxing at Empire


I'm not the fittest person as you obviously can tell. I've always abhorred PE and was among the worst at it. I started going to the gym around summer of 2009 when Heidi invited me to but I wasn't consistent (and persistent) so my weight kept yoyo-ing. I started becoming more serious at committing to exercise and a healthy lifestyle last year that instead of a monthly gym membership, I got a one-year membership. But, doing weights and cardio on alternating days gets old so I surprised myself (and my family and friends) when I started boxing. 
Enya (Rien's sister) actually got me into it. Enya and I were going to the gym (different ones though) around the same time and when Rien told me Enya lost a lot of weight fast with boxing, I knew I just had to try it. Now my dad gets iffy when we ask him to buy us clothes BUT he willingly spends on anything sports-related, so he was supportive and bought me gloves and a hand wrap when I told him I wanted to try out boxing.

Boxers are like, the fittest athletes on the planet because boxing is a pretty much all-around sport--it is both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, anaerobic meaning you still burn even after you exercise because your body cannot keep up with the oxygen demand your cells need. It's good for speed, strength and endurance. The best thing is, everybody can box!
I've been boxing for a year now and I've noticed that my upper body became smaller and I don't easily tire when doing the cardio circuit/drills before my mitt and bag work. I can say I'm pretty decent at boxing but I definitely still have a lot to learn. My trainer always tells me I need to punch faster and harder but obviously, that will come when I lose more weight (my weight slows me down). There was a time my trainer was out for a competition and I didn't get to box for a month. However, I heard about Empire Boxing Davao, a gym that specifically caters to boxing (duh, the name itself says it). They also have B@sscon, which is body conditioning for your special needs (weight loss, endurance, etc), muay thai (which I want to try BADLY; I think it will definitely help tone my legs--my problem area), brazilian jiu-jitsu (with classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) and Mixed Martial Arts.

Empire offers one-on-one training so you're sure they're focused on you. Payment is on a per-session basis (unless you availed of unlimited sessions), but on Sundays they have a promo wherein each session is at a lower price (Php 100 for members, Php 150 for non-members). I chose to come in on a Sunday that my brother had a game at Agro just so I could get a free ride (our house is on the other side of town). I can definitely say it was worth it! The session lasts about 1.5-2hrs, just as long as you can finish the workout.

The second time I went was with Julienne about 2 Sundays ago, when these photos were taken. Julienne loved boxing so much that she enrolled the very next day! I, in turn, loved that I got her into it (*wink wink*) and that we got to spend time together in a different way aside from eating. :) :) :) Can't wait for the Christmas break so we can drag our friends' asses to try this with us. 

PS. We didn't get a lot of photos because we were working out at the same time! I won't spoil what we do during workouts just yet--I'll save that for another post. Next time we get to go, I'll ask the receptionist to take photos of us ;)
Empire Boxing Davao
3/F Uncle Mark Bldg, Quimpo Blvd,
Ecoland, Davao City
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  1. Oooh, I have the same feelings with regards to exercise and PE! The only difference is you have already jumpstarted your way to fitness while I continue to live my sedentary lifestyle :(

    Good luck on your new-found training and I hope I get to try boxing soon, too! :)


    1. Hi Mica! I hope you get to!! It's a really great, fun and fast way to shed the pounds! Start today because it's true--a year from now, you would've wished you started today. :)



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