There is No Excuse for Ugly Photos


shirt dress: Cheap Monday
flats: Shoebox
hat: bazaar at the Bahay ng Alumni
bag: from my grandma
accessories: StyledUP

Yes, there is no excuse for ugly photos (especially for someone like me who is very particular with these things) but desperate times call for desperate measures.
My sister who isn't so adept at taking photos yet was the one who took my "outfit shots". (Hello cousin's leg in the background!) I'm sure you know that I am not the most tech-savvy person in the world as well so goodbye attempts at editing!
Anyway, this is what I wore for Vern's birthday dinner at Abreeza. After, my sister and I went straight to Garden Oases for my cousin's pool party. I love this shirt dress which I got from the Bauhaus event because its versatile and you can style it in so many ways! I cinched a belt around my waist and tucked the shirt out to cover my tummy cause the shirt's a bit too sheer.

Anyway, this will be a quick post since I have yet to pack for our trip!
Hope you like the outfit (despite the photos)!

PS. Please don't get turned off if you judge my blog on this entry alone! Please keep reading my blog! HAHA. Toodles! :))

What I Wore: Bauhaus Press Meet


top: Oxygen
shoes: Shoebox
(photo by Aidx Paredes)

I noticed that I've had fewer personal posts recently, so this is me making up for it.

This is what I wore to the Bauhaus Press Meet. Bauhaus gave me an impression that it was an edgy brand so I picked a gray top and jeans (I don't think I wear any other bottom aside from denim BTW) and wore my ultra comfy summery turquoise flats. Tah-daah!

Forgive me for looking like I just woke up. I did actually. The event was at 5:30pm but I woke up at 5pm and guess what? I arrived there before all my blogger friends!

Enjoy your Saturday!

PS. If you're from Davao and reading this now, don't forget to drop by SOUL Lifestyle Abreeza at 4pm later to meet Vern and Verniece Enciso!!

Inspirafriday: Nadia Aboulhosn


(photos from Nadia's blog)

I noticed that I've been featuring mostly skinny fashion bloggers on my blog.
However, I realized I should also show you that there is also a world and a space on the internet big enough for us voluptuous, fashion-loving ladies, that there are people like Nadia who inspire in-the-closet people like me.

Usually, people (me included) associate fashion with having to be skinny to wear beautiful clothes. Why not? I mean, most clothing companies make the beautiful clothes in small sizes. However, even if this may be a downer on us plump girls, it inspires us to get creative. It inspires us to hold up, stop listening to people who talk about us and just express ourselves the way WE want to.

Nadia uses color. Nadia bares her belly. She wears heels. She breaks all the don'ts in fashion that plump women impose on themselves. She takes risks and looks beautiful at it. That's why she inspires me.

Visit her blog

Kate Moss for Vogue April 2012


Kate Moss as a modern-day Marie Antoinette shot by Tim Walker at the Ritz Paris.
This was shot at the Coco Chanel suite.

Everything is so opulent, luxurious and fabulous.
The life, indeed.

Love? <3

Trendspotting: Sequined Shorts


Photos from their blogs

Even though it's summer, I've been seeing tons of sequins all over the blogosphere. A twist to your usual sequined top would be wearing sequined shorts. Spotted on Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Aisa Ipac and Mariel Wagas of Wicked Ying, its best to pair these shorts with basics because these pieces stand out so much already. Or you can go the other extreme way and pair them with printed pieces which complement them, like Camille and Patricia did.

If only I didn't have such monstrous thighs, I would be wearing this trend too!
How about you? :-)

SOUL Lifestyle Summer 2012 Lookbook

Hello! Allow me to share something I'm proud of:

This was styled by me, (I can't believe I wrote that!!) modeled by Georwynne, photographed by Jun Tupas and the make-up was done by Mimi Tupas.

My favorite looks are the 4th to the 6th photos.
What are yours? :)

Meet and Greet Part Deux!


Join us for an afternoon of style as we welcome SOUL Lifestyle’s latest featured blogger Vern Enciso, and her sister Verniece Enciso—stylish sisters and fashion bloggers who are taking the Philippine blogging world by storm!
Be at SOUL Lifestyle Abreeza, March 24 2012 at 4pm and be chosen by one of the Bloggers from the South pairs to be part of their team as we bring you another styling challenge like no other!
See you there!

PS: You can confirm your attendance at our Facebook event! :)

SR Picks: SheInside Skirts


Leopard Ball Gown Mini Pleated Skirt pictures

Pink Pleated Chiffon Pleated Full-Length Sleeve Skirt pictures

Top to bottom:
*Zara bohemian skirt
*Geometric bandage skirt
(in love with the patterns!)
*Leopard mini pleated skirt
*Pink pleated chiffon skirt

all from SheInside
(You can click the photo to go to the product listing)

Just a quick post before I study for my LAST EXAM tomorrow! (Summer, here I come!!)
Been obsessing about getting a skirt for the longest time now (It's the TWR influence, I tell you!). But, my mom is discouraging me from buying one cause she says I'll look fugly funny. :/ I don't know if I should go ahead and buy and just wear and not care about what people say OR take her advice in mind (afterall, she's just looking out for my fashion well-being).

What do you say? Take risks or play it safe? :o

Wishlist Wednesday: Summer to-do's!


Summer starts for me in a couple of weeks and I can't wait!

Actually, I'm trying to restrain myself from doing stuff unrelated to school or work (Haha, hello blog). Isn't it funny that when you have all the time in the world, you get bored and you can't think of what to do, but when you're in a time crunch, you get so easily distracted?

Well anyway, since I can't do these things yet now, I am listing them so that when I finally do get my free time, I will have something to do (Sorry for being weird! Haha!)

1. Crafting

(photo from Fab Online Shop)

I miss making stuff with my hands. I was super inspired by this set of bracelets from Fab Online Shop. They're made by Alyssa, a girl from my school. She's so creative! My sister just bought 2 sets recently. =)

What's Love?


Finally got around to reading everyone's answers to my Valentine's Day giveaway question: 
What is love? 
Cheesy, I know, but I haven't formulated my own definition so I really loved hearing your thoughts. I'm sharing with you my favorite answers, as well as my pick for the best answer who will win some consolation prizes from the giveaway.

 I totally feel this. When someone I love hurts me, I can't help but still love them after. I guess it's attachment?


Being someone's better half, kumbaga.

I think I heard the last line from a movie, I'm not sure what it is.  The second to the last line was beautiful though. :)

 I love it when old people are still sweet to each other also :">

This definition would've tickled my high school self so much, especially the blushing cheeks, butterflies in my stomach bit. =))

Stylish Saturday: Philip Plein Milan Fashion Week

I absolutely love this dress!

Aggravated Shopping


My mom and close friends know that if I buy stuff for myself using my own money, I tend to be a fickle shopper who gets buyer's remorse after! I like shopping alone so when I find something I like, I immediately call them up and ask "Should I buy this?" Then right after I pay for my purchases, I call them up again and tell them "I shouldn't have bought this! I feel so guilty!"
I don't know why that happens, though it never does when I buy food! Haha :-)

Anyway, I kind of had a bad day at school. Some events just made me so aggravated! You can just read why on my Twitter if you wanna know cause I don't want to rant here. 

I went to the mall to do some errands after class. I went inside through the bookstore. I wanted to buy this book by Nick Hornby but it was too expensive. It was funny cause I was browsing through the shelves then I chanced upon the Gossip Girl book! I plucked it out and it was 184.50php. The others were all regular price! So, lucky me! =)) It's funny cause I've always wanted this book. I chanced upon this Pretty Little Liars book at the discount pile while I waited in line. I don't know why it was on sale; it's still in really good condition! I got it for 99php :)

I went to the newly-opened Love Diva here in Davao to get the accessories I've been eyeing since I first visited. I got a necklace with a lip pendant (I dunno, I just have a penchant for lip-shaped stuff!), maroon cloth necklace and a mustache necklace for my sister. They have a sale rack with stuff at 200php each, but if you buy 3, you get it at 500php! No regrets since the maroon necklace alone looks like it costs more than 500 bucks! I was so inspired that I want to create my own! If only I had time.

Anyway, it's March!!! I've announced the giveaway winner on my Twitter account and I messaged her on Facebook already. Still picking out my winner for the best answer! =)



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