What's Love?


Finally got around to reading everyone's answers to my Valentine's Day giveaway question: 
What is love? 
Cheesy, I know, but I haven't formulated my own definition so I really loved hearing your thoughts. I'm sharing with you my favorite answers, as well as my pick for the best answer who will win some consolation prizes from the giveaway.

 I totally feel this. When someone I love hurts me, I can't help but still love them after. I guess it's attachment?


Being someone's better half, kumbaga.

I think I heard the last line from a movie, I'm not sure what it is.  The second to the last line was beautiful though. :)

 I love it when old people are still sweet to each other also :">

This definition would've tickled my high school self so much, especially the blushing cheeks, butterflies in my stomach bit. =))


3. from Elaine

2. from Lorsh
1. from Cesi

Congrats Cesi!! :)

I asked someone to read the definitions to me aloud so I wouldn't be biased cause I know some people who joined the giveaway. I ended up picking one a friend of mine wrote! Amazing!!!

I love what Cesi wrote cause it's simple yet striking. I was thinking, "WOW. Bulls eye" We all have different beliefs and definitions but right now, love to me feels like it that. We all try to describe it but once the heart knows, it knows.

Thank you to everyone who joined!! Have a great weekend! :)

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