Style Diaries: Kate Middleton


On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary, I am going to write about some 10 of my favorite Kate Middleton looks.

10) wearing Luisa Spagnoli

There's something about red coats being chic forever.
This look reminds me of something Jackie O. would wear.

9) At Birmingham 
Kate Middleton - Prince William and Kate Middleton Visit Birmingham

Kate Middleton in something military-inspired.

Good Things


I have 3 pieces of good news I wanted to share!
As in I couldn't wait!

My family and I came from watching the Avengers and right after, I got about 10 messages in my inbox!
I got texts from Wilson (Lemon), Mimi and Aidx. I'll tell you in a bit what were they about.

1) SOUL Sisters: Vern and Verniece for SOUL Lifestyle

Remember my post about Vern and Verniece coming to Davao?
Well here is the first of the outputs from that shoot!

Filmed/Directed by Aidx Paredes
Photographed by Jun Tupas and James Bautista
Styled by Mimi Tupas and Farrah Garcia
Dolled up by Otoi Mercado
Assisted by Antonio Tupas


Modeled by the lovely Vern and Verniece Enciso

2. Pickled and Peppered in Stache Magazine

Remember the Pickled and Peppered lookbook post Aidx and I styled?

Well, I did not know Aidx submitted the photos to Stache Magazine!
So, tah-daaah! My first styling gig that came out in a magazine!
See it on page 32-39
Thanks to Stache, Aidx, Mimi&Jun and Pickled and Peppered!

3. SOUL Lifestyle is having a giveaway!

You can enter via Facebook
or since you're here, enter here on my blog! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you had a good a day as mine!


There's a lot of Pretty Girls in the City


top: Forever 21
necklace: OASAP
shorts & shoes: SM
bag: thrifted

The title is not related to my post. It's just that my brother keeps singing this so it got stuck in my head!!

This is what I wore to do errands in Abreeza the other day. I was supposed to meet up with Mimi, Aidx and Cheyser but Mimi and Cheys were not able to come at the last minute (busy bees!!). Instead, I spent time with my former schoolmate and orgmate Macey. We talked about everything under the sun until my dad had to text me asking if I would still eat! haha

Funny cause I tweeted Macey thanking her when my other orgmate ate Kara tweeted me back asking if I was in Abreeza which I was! Dropped by on her and her friend having dinner at Bigby's. It was nice to see a not-from-Davao KEMer in Davao! I wish my other friends (esp those who graduated already) would come! *cough cough*

Anyway, like this necklace I got from OASAP? I got a lot of compliments for this necklace. I think it can instantly take any outfit from day to night. It's the first time I took it out for a spin! :)
What do you think? 

BTW, please please follow me on Networked Blogs. Since I got a new domain, I didn't know I had to register it as a new blog so my posts aren't being published on FB. (It's on my sidebar!) Thank you!! :)

Coming Home


black jacket: Apostrophe
red cardigan: Robinson's Dept
white polo: H&M
leggings and flats: SM
bag: Tomato

What I wore to our travel day. Like Day 1, we spent it at the airport. Unlike day 1, we had 4 hours to kill in Cebu. Wish we could've gotten to visit F21 since it was on sale then. :(

Sorry for the ugly face and doubled up sweater. We left the hotel at 7am, so it was still really cold then.
When we got to the Kowloon part of the airport, we had a bit of a problem cause my brother left my sister's H&M bag in the bus! Good thing we were able to track it down! What is fast and efficient!!

Anyway, off now to meet up with some friends!
I miss the mall!!!

BTW, please please follow me on Networked Blogs. Since I got a new domain, I didn't know I had to register it as a new blog so my posts aren't being published on FB. (It's on my sidebar!) Thank you!! :)


Hong Kong Day 3: Shopping!


so this is what McDonald's is like in other countries. Check out the butter!!

I Moved


I realized that it would be quite confusing to mix both my fashion and fitness posts on this blog, especially since I plan to blog in detail my fitness journey.

So I moved.


Thank you <3

EFFIN HOT: Drenched in Midnight Heat


UP Alpha Phi Omega Sorority - ETA Chapter
Q Ave Restobar
Baileylicious Swimwear

in cooperation with My 1x1 Trading Corp and Moonleaf Tea Shop


EFFIN' HOT: Drenched in Midnight Heat
April 27, 2012
Q Ave Restobar (former Be Bold Superclub), Quezon City
8 pm

Join us as we hold this event for the second time. It's this year's hottest summer party. 

BURLESQUE Performances
Swimsuit Fashion Show
Body Paint Art
Free Flowing Drinks
Free Flowing HOTNESS!

This event is also brought to you by Anywhere Philippines.
Special thanks to Piknik, and My Fame Store.

Photobooth: Alva Photobooth
Media Sponsors: When in Manila, Crossroads FM, DZUP,, Manila Blog, Circuit Magazine,, Blessings Copy Center and Bookbinding Services, InStyleCebu, Asian Escapades, The Style Reactor, G'Style Celebrations

Visit their page here.

Hope my readers from Manila can come!!

Don't Mind the Hair


top: Forever 21
cardigan, leggings, flats: SM
bag: Tomato

Sorry for the hair in the first photo; it's a bit flat. I guess my hair is used to more humid weather. This is what I wore to breakfast during our second day in Hong Kong. I say breakfast cause I thought it would be cold in Disneyland so I changed into a thicker (but uglier and older) top cause I was freezing even though the sun was up. Thinking about the weather there makes me miss Hong Kong--the sun was out yet the wind was a cool knife on my cheek. I think I like the thought of freezing to death rather than dying of sweat.

How's your Friday the 13th?
I'm spending mine at home for a change. We usually go out on Friday for dinner but almost everyone home's sick. Hope yours is better :))



Maybelline goodies from Vern and Verniece when they came to Davao.
I swear they gave more, but I gave some to my mom, sister and fellow bloggers. :)



shorts and flats: SM Dept
bag and top: H&M

Summer is here!

Wore my shorts which I got a just a day before the HK trip FOR the HK trip but didn't get to wear cause it was so cold!! I wore it to SM instead cause it was so hot that day! Thank God for SM having shorts in my size--they really do have it all! I've been wanting to wear shorts to the mall for quite some time now. I mean, why let my being plump get in the way of wearing what I wanna wear? :)

Anyway, I spent my Maundy Thursday watching the whole season of Awkward with my sisters. I've been meaning to for some time now ever since I read my friends tweeting about it. I just wasn't able to find the time til now. My sisters and I love it!! TEAM JAAAAKE.

Anyone else watch Awkward here too? Sound off!! If not, you really should!
Have a blessed Holy Week! :)



Summer 2012 will (or is? cause it's summer already) all about pastels, lightweight airy fabrics (sheer), color blocking and of course, prints. Here are some pretty retro-style dresses I've picked from Stand out from a sea of brights and still have fun with these whimsical prints.

Modcloth Orla Kiely Youre in Good Company Dress in Beige (ivory)
ModCloth Orla Kiely dress

Going International


flats: SM department
bag: tomato
scarf: People are People
coat: Surplus Shop

This is what I wore on our first day at Hong Kong. We spent the whole day at three different airports--Davao, Cebu and Hong Kong. It was my first time to step into Cebu, and of course, Hong Kong! :) I opted for something comfy yet something that would keep me warm as I really tend to get cold easily. Since my outfit was plain, I topped it off with a scarf I got from my aunt. I was quite hesitant to wear it actually cause it isn't a skinny scarf so it tends to add a bit more bulk.

I finally got to wear the trench we got from Surplus Shop (read about it here)! When we got to Hong Kong, we checked into the hotel and changed for dinner. We ate dinner at Spaghetti House, about a block away from our hotel.
What do you think? :)


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