Coming Home


black jacket: Apostrophe
red cardigan: Robinson's Dept
white polo: H&M
leggings and flats: SM
bag: Tomato

What I wore to our travel day. Like Day 1, we spent it at the airport. Unlike day 1, we had 4 hours to kill in Cebu. Wish we could've gotten to visit F21 since it was on sale then. :(

Sorry for the ugly face and doubled up sweater. We left the hotel at 7am, so it was still really cold then.
When we got to the Kowloon part of the airport, we had a bit of a problem cause my brother left my sister's H&M bag in the bus! Good thing we were able to track it down! What is fast and efficient!!

Anyway, off now to meet up with some friends!
I miss the mall!!!

BTW, please please follow me on Networked Blogs. Since I got a new domain, I didn't know I had to register it as a new blog so my posts aren't being published on FB. (It's on my sidebar!) Thank you!! :)


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