Maybelline goodies from Vern and Verniece when they came to Davao.
I swear they gave more, but I gave some to my mom, sister and fellow bloggers. :)

Some of the stuff I got from H&M. My lolo and lola took us shopping in H&M Hong Kong. I saved all my money for that shopping trip (I didn't get a lot of souvenirs like my sisters) & I ended up spending about 1000HKD but it's worth it. I'm happy that I have a size in H&M, albeit it being 10 or 12.

Invite I got from Havaianas for a shoot they are having for M Magazine.
Their invite was a scrapbook and came with a pair of Havaianas.

I'm so excited for Monday!!
More stuff to blog about!
Enjoy your Black Saturday! :-)

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