To be honest, I find myself getting sick of clothes lately. Sometimes when I go shopping, all I see are the same types of clothes but at different stores. Sometimes, the clothes are just so blatantly in-your-face, screaming THIS (trend) IS WHAT'S HOT NOW SO BUY ME. It's not surprising that everyone's wearing almost the same things now cause that's what all the stores are selling.

Dressv Sexy Mermaid Style Wedding Dresses

7/28/2014 SUPPLIES Gorgerous Sleeveless Scoop Appliques Trumpet Mermaid Wedding Dress Wedding Dresses 2014

Mermaid style dresses are one of my most favorite silhouettes. There's just this elegance to it I can't explain. It's perfect because it's fitting--it hugs your body and accentuates your curves--and dramatic as well. Just to differentiate mermaid style dresses from other similar ones, mermaid style dresses are fitted above and flare out from the knee. A similar dress is the trumpet dress, which flares out from the thigh, and a fit and flare dress, which flares out from the hip., one of my trusted brands when it comes to gown design and affordability also has this particular style. 

Sporty Grunge


Although not usually my style, I find myself gravitating towards a lot of grunge/90's dressing lately. As of late, it's the easiest go-to thing, especially when I feel like being comfortable and low-maintenance. Besides, it's pretty easy to get into--all you need is plaid, denim and loose clothing.

The Stairwell


A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I met up to check out our friend Emmae's family's hotel (more on that soon!). Since the hotel was near MTS, I also invited them to try The Stairwell with me. I was actually at MTS when The Stairwell opened. I immediately noticed the restaurant's exterior (and interior, cause it has glass windows!) because like I said, industrially designed spaces are rare and few in Davao. I actually thought it was an upscale drinking place!

Abreeza Fashion Forum


Last Thursday, I was privileged to be among the few to be invited to Abreeza's First Fashion Forum. It was like a prelude to Abreeza's Style Origin show (held during the weekend, which I'll be blogging about soon!), featuring a sneak peek. Clothes that would possibly be worn at the community fashion show from selected merchants like SOUL Lifestyle, Dorothy Perkins, FOX, Just G, Gingersnaps and the Original Penguin were on display. We also had Style Origin's head stylist Luis Espiritu as a guest speaker.

Wishlist Wednesday: Birthday


It's my birthday on Saturday so I thought about doing a wishlist post cause I haven't done one in a long time! Reading back on my old wishlist made me appreciate how much I've changed the past two years. The things I want this year are much simpler and definitely more realistic. I feel like right now, it is better to get what you want (for the meantime) than torture yourself over the things you can't have. Baby steps.
So as of now, I don't really want anything lavish. For starters, I want

1) A boxing membership at Empire Boxing Davao.
I got into boxing late last year and I love it! However, I found out recently that my boxing trainer at the gym will be away for a few months to train for his MMA competition. In comes Empire Boxing. They opened just a few months ago and I've been wanting to try ever since! They have muay thai, which is kickboxing, something I see progressing into since I box and need to lose some thigh fat. They also have conditioning which is specific to your needs (strengthening the lungs, weight loss, etc) which I also want to try. My trainer makes me do some conditioning exercises before boxing which serve as my cardio warm-up. It differs day-to-day and I love that cause I hate repetitive cardio (eg treadmill, elliptical) cause I easily get bored. The thing is, prices can get pretty steep cause you're paying per session and because training is one-on-one (they have unlimited boxing and conditioning though for around P3000 but I don't think I'd be able to fully maximize it since they're on the other side of town). Ah, I wish Empire would read this and sponsor me! *wishful thinking* If not though, I wish someone would give me money to enroll!
You know Farrah's changed when she's into fitness..but don't be too sure just yet.

On Happiness


The other day while commuting, I sat next to a man and his daughter. The man was ordinary, a construction worker perhaps, and he was carrying his daughter's bag. His daughter was probably around 6 or 7 years old and was really skinny. She kept looking at me. At one stop, there was no more room left but someone wanted to ride so the dad told his daughter to sit on his lap. The passenger that entered was a very negative entitled woman and she sat next to me. She was huffy cause she had lots of things and there wasn't any much room in the aisle for her to pass. She was obnoxiously ranting out loud (obviously wanting the father to hear it) that there wasn't room anymore and the father should've just moved to sit next to me. Do you know how it feels when you're enjoying a sunny day and someone just blocks in on your sun? That's how I felt the minute the woman entered and sat next to me.

Cute Homecoming Dresses 2014

7/15/2014 SUPPLIES Brilliant A-line One-Shoulder Appliques Short Homecoming Dress Inexpensive Homecoming Dresses
I'm all for maximizing clothing--wearing a piece in more ways than one, wearing one type of clothing in ways you never thought possible. For example, these cute homecoming dresses from can be worn to occasions other than just homecoming! For instance, June is famous for being month for weddings, but there are also a lot of people that get married in July (duh Farrah, people get married all year round!!) In fact, my cousin's getting married the day before my birthday! If you're attending a wedding or even if you're not, here are some tips I can give you to wear's homecoming dresses for any occasion.



It's July already but this is my first washday outfit post for the school year. I haven't had the chance to take photos cause I usually just choose to dress in some variation of gym wear (aka I wear my trainers to school) so I wouldn't have to lug around a lot of stuff. However, I decided to skip a session Wednesday last week to make time for my blog(!!!) and try out Saging Repablik with my bestie, Ayessa.

Almost all my classes this semester are in just one room (I knowww, super high school ang peg!! I love changing rooms cause I get to spot cuties when going around but oh well) and it can get really chilly there so I opted for something that involved a sweater. I actually planned on blogging this outfit a long time ago but never got the chance to so I saw that day as the perfect time to wear it out! 

Here's a photo I got online. It's not the original photo I took inspiration from but it's similar
It's inspired by something Emma Watson wore that I saw on my StyLIZed book. I chose to wear my sleeveless denim polo from Cotton On inside and just let the collar peek instead of a full-on polo cause the weather can get unpredictable and it might get hot later on (Actually, I just didn't like the polo's collar. HAHA. dami pang sinabi noh?). Good thing the outfit went well with the whole feel of Saging Repablik!

What do you think? Is this look a yay or a nay? :)


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Saging Repablik


Davao may be one of the largest cities in the world but it's a small town where everyone knows everyone. People in Davao usually have a go-to place to get their favorites but of course, when a new place is put up, people flock to it to try it out. Plus, with the advent of social media, word spreads faster than fire. Take Saging Repablik for instance. It's barely a week old (they opened June 27!) and yet, I've seen posts of it all over my social media feed. The place and design concept looked very different than the usual offered in Davao so it piqued my interest.


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