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A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I met up to check out our friend Emmae's family's hotel (more on that soon!). Since the hotel was near MTS, I also invited them to try The Stairwell with me. I was actually at MTS when The Stairwell opened. I immediately noticed the restaurant's exterior (and interior, cause it has glass windows!) because like I said, industrially designed spaces are rare and few in Davao. I actually thought it was an upscale drinking place!

I also honestly thought it was a pricey place. Fast forward to a few weeks later when my friends and I tried it, to my surprise, I found out it wasn't! It was very affordable! I took some photos of the menu.

There's also a drink menu (It is in MTS, afterall! ;) Or you know, if you want a grown-up chill dinner and drinks kinda night) and solo servings for their mains but the photos I took were blurry.

Food buddies for the meantime: Emmae and Julienne! (Hi Mit!)

We weren't very hungry so we just got pasta. When we try new food places, my friends and I get different items on the menu and just get food off each other's plate. I got Bolognese (play it safe. lol. But the server said it was a must try), Julienne got the Pesto Cream and Emmae got the lasagna. If I'd known their servings were this big for P108, I would've gotten the Aglio Olio! I just wasn't up for something spicy though and I didn't know how spicy theirs could be.

My eyes popped out of my head when I saw their lasagna. This HUGE dish of lasagna at P158?? Unreal. We ended up having to help Emmae finish this. =))

We also ordered the Grilled Chicken and Salsa on Pita Strips (P128). I have to say, the grilled chicken was so good! It was unlike other grilled chicken I've tried which can be dry and bland. When I bit into my pita crisp, the chicken was juicy and the sauce was coming out. Yummm!

I'm definitely coming back if I find myself in the South Side.
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PS. Got to love how Davao's having more and more new food spots! I still have about 4 in my list of places to try and blog about. Anyone wanna come with? :)


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