To be honest, I find myself getting sick of clothes lately. Sometimes when I go shopping, all I see are the same types of clothes but at different stores. Sometimes, the clothes are just so blatantly in-your-face, screaming THIS (trend) IS WHAT'S HOT NOW SO BUY ME. It's not surprising that everyone's wearing almost the same things now cause that's what all the stores are selling.

I think I've mentioned that I've had enough of grunge lately--it's a welcome change from my usual fitted style but it feels a little too comfortable plus everyone's wearing it--so I'm going back to my basics and classics. Funny enough, when everyone was layering and piling on accessories, when everyone was in neons and wild digiprints circa 2011 when the blogging industry in the Philippines started to boom, I was looking for a friend in Plainsville. It was difficult for me to find clothes that fit me so I went for classic tops and basics that I could mix and match. I felt like I had to go as far as even defend myself because hindi naman kablog-blog mga suot ko (my clothes weren't considered blog-worthy). Fast forward to 2014, when all possible trends were we are, back to the basics.

Enter normcore, which came from the words normal and hardcore. It's a unisex fashion trend characterized by bland, average clothing. I find it the anti-trend. It's quite ironic actually: it's by wearing boring clothes that people stand out. This is as opposed of course, to wearing loud prints and all these quirky things just to stand out. Example of normcore is wearing mom jeans, sportswear or plain sneaks. The way I interpret it, it's more of an attitude--like I don't care about fitting in anymore; I'll dress the way I usually do and please. It's more about function.

If you've seen this month's cover of Preview with Georgina Wilson and Celine Lopez, then that's some form of normcore. I don't think they're wearing unbranded clothes though. If ever high-end, designer-loving fashionistas are going to embrace the trend,  I don't think they're gonna do so in cheap clothes. Another thing I've watched out for in the fasyon interpretation of normcore is the cut of the clothes. The clothes look boring but the cuts are interesting.

I'm trying to do my own version of normcore here. I really tried but I just can't not add the necklace. I like the principle behind normcore, but it's just a trend, or a lifestyle for some others. (I think others aren't even aware they're now considered normcore's fashion icons because they're the unlikeliest ones: think Jerry Seinfeld) I think I know myself well enough to decide when I want to be boring (both intentionally or unintentionally) or when I want to have my fun with fashion. And that day, I chose to have a little fun.
  top: thrifted || gold chain necklace: || skirt and shoes: Cotton On
By the way, after the last #IAMMEG Davao auditions at SM Davao were cancelled, MEG is back to conquer Mindanao for our nationwide search for the next MEG ambasador!

Calling all the ladies from #Davao! Meg magazine will be at SM Lanang Premier Event Center on August 2 and 3 for the live auditions! #Iammeg is open to all girls 18-25 years old.


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