End of the Year


I was supposed to make this an "End of the World" post but I was pressed for time and I hoped as well that the world wouldn't actually end. I got my wish, the world hasn't ended so far so today's  post is for the end of the year.

2012 has been one helluva roller coaster ride. I started out ACTIVE in the blogging scene (always at events and stuff, even organizing one!), but later on I realized I had to de-clutter my life (both online and offline) so I lay low. I started blogging about things I believed in and when I felt like it. To sum up my year in 3 words:

acceptance. streamlining. mellow.

As I write this entry, I realize how FULL my year was. I thought it was boring but andami palang ganap! However, in the latter part (October/November dark ages) I had to let go of a few things. I somehow don't regret it though. I believe it's best to start another year with less baggage to make room for the blessings that are about to come in.

Anne Hathaway 

Christmas Dinner


"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves"
--Edna Buchanan

Some photos from our group's Christmas dinner last Saturday.
We had a chill dinner at Lea's place. We talked and then played the "S-game" which is a drinking game that is harder than it seems :)

photos from Mithi and Lea

Your new friends know who you are.
Your old friends know why.

PS. Last Friday of 2012!! 

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Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone's feeling the Christmas spirit as we get ready for Christmas tonight/tomorrow! I'm queuing this post (as a gift, you could say!) cause later, I'll be at our family's annual Christmas dinner/gathering. I hope you guys are also enjoying your own family's media noche and not just sitting at the computer, on Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, this is what I wore to last Friday's "End of the World" hang with my high school batchmates. I actually wore this to school once but didn't get to have it photographed so I wore it so it could be shot. :) It's one of my faves because the pastel colors luckily came together. 

So anyway, friends and I had dinner at Sbarro (thanks for the treat, Dex!!!) and then went out for drinks to chill and talk. Afterwards, we went to Krispy Kreme and Starbucks to cap off our night. Thanks guys, other than my family, wouldn't have wanted to spend the end of the world with anyone else. Ahhh, the first day of my vacation started out great..and it's been non-stop ever since. I have yet to spend a full day home since Friday. I'm tired but not really complaining though cause I'm home early for the most part of the year. Hahaha. I really missed coming home late. =))

Some photos from that night:

Dex and Mithi doing their version of the "blogger pose"
goofing off
at Starbucks. Thank you Fort!!! ;)
ran into Lea (also Heidi) at SM--twas the place to be for our batch! :))
top: Cotton On
shoes: Janilyn


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Santa Baby


shirt: Human
skirt: Forever 21
shoes: Parisian

It's Friday, the 21st of December, the day the Mayans predicted the world would end but here I am, on my computer blogging. I am (secretly) thrilled they are wrong because for one, I haven't finished my end of the world entry yet. Second, I still haven't done a loooot of things like go to Paris or wear a bikini yet. haha. Anyway, I'm happy too cause my vacation starts today

What inspired this outfit? Well, it was the last wash day of the year and Christmas was approaching so I wanted to wear a Christmas-y outfit. The top part kind of reminds me of Santa Claus (red and white).  I wore the gold skirt I wore at the WAGW event and dressed it down with a plain white tee. I wanted to do the whole maroon and gold combo but I don't have any maroon pieces yet so forgive me if the red cardigan looks too bright/clashes against the gold. Here's to trying out new things! :) What do you think?

This is what I wore when went out with my high school friends, Dex and Mithi just this Wednesday right after school. They visited me at Ateneo cause they wanted to check what my "new" life was all about. We ate at Friday's and Bigby's. As always, we took tooooooo long to order. That always happens when we're together and when I recall this little quirk of ours, I can't help but feel comforted by the familiarity of it all. I'm so glad they're back home! :)

Anyway toodles! I'll be going out with my high school buddies for some end of the world fun in a few!! :)  Enjoy your day too!
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Wishlist Wednesday: Christmas Wishlist


I should've posted this yesterday but I was out with my friends. It doesn't make a difference if it's posted a day late, right?

Anyway to start, I'm now 21 and it was just last night that I wondered if godparents still give their godchildren my age gifts on Christmas. Usually, it's just cash now but still, I wonder at what age would that stop coming. Probably when I have a job, right? Something to ponder about.

Material-wise and feasibility considered, I only want 3 things:

1) Shoes
*patent nude pumps 
(saw a pair in Aldo that's on sale)

*capped toe heels or flats
(I keep seeing them on Vern's blog. They look really posh)

*moccasins/loafers from Shoebox and Me in Abreeza
-their collection in Abreeza now is really nice. It features the loafers/moccasins in summery colors that I just want to gobble up! I want the pinkish/reddish one and the turquoise one. I think it's at about 699 or 799 a pair. For that amount, I think it's worth it cause it lasts long. When my mom and I went to check their latest collection, we realized we were both in Shoebox shoes we had purchased a year before. 

2) Bags

On my bag lust list this Christmas is:

a) a doctor's bag like Kweshie's which she bought in Parfois (see here)
Sadly, I went there yesterday and seems like they don't have it already.

b) a tote/bucket bag from Shoebox again
It looks like a bucket bag but it's pretty roomy and it has a strap. It comes in neon green, pink, yellow and orange but when I passed by, the orange was sold already! Gah. It's at 899php! I hope it's still there if and when and after I get my Christmas money.. or maybe someone can give me?

Lastly all I want for Christmas is
a photoshopped photo of myself on what I'd look like if I were thin. SERIOUSLY.
(hello THE Justin Quintos)

I know there are apps to "fattify" yourself but I already know what I look like fat. I'm hoping to try a different tactic to motivate me to weight loss. I'm hoping a photo of myself looking slim will help.

What are you wishing for this Christmas? :)


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QUICK ROMWE GIVEAWAY (ends December 19)


I am giving away a pair of ROMWE leggings!

1) Just like this photo


2) Comment "liked" on this post if you did!

I'll be giving away a pair of ROMWE leggings (random design cause ROMWE will be picking it)
ONLY IF the number of likes on the photo reaches 60+ by December 19th!

I'll be picking the winner from your comments on the post :) Please also invite your friends to join. If it won't reach 60 likes, no giveaway. :))


Hurry! I need to have 60 likes on that photo by December 19th!
Thank you guys! :)

WAGW Davao Ambassadors Launch

Last week, I was invited to attend the What a Girl Wants Young Ambassadors of Style Launch at WAGW Abreeza. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the invite in the mail because the ambassadors they chose are actually 3 people I grew up with: my cousins Enzo Rabat and Ccia Ang, and family friend Milen Aquino. Biases and family ties aside, I  have to say, they picked the right three. :)



top and bag: H&M
shoes: Feebee's (Payless)

Happy 12-14-12!
It's Friday again!!!
 (and Lantern Parade in UP *sob*)!

How did you spend the last repetitive day we'll live to see?

On my end, nothing special really happened that day. I just finally had my picture taken in a bookshop. Haha. Nothing special either for the outfit I wore to school yesterday. Even though I wanted to spice things up a little, I was running late so I went for a fail-safe outfit again. As a last resort, I grabbed this scarf which is actually a belt from my sister's pair of shorts just to add a little color. It's a little variation of the outfit I wore here.

I thought, "If I can't wear something new, I'll at least wear something inspired by the date: repetitive" hahaha :)

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*probably my shortest post to date

Last Minute


*I see the light* 

What did I tell you? Expect more outfit posts right? :D

Sorry for the stupid face but here's the outfit I wore to the What A Girl Wants Young Ambassadors of Style Launch at Abreeza yesterday. More about that soon when my blogger friends upload their photos. 

Oh yeah, be prepared. This is kind of a wordy entry.



cover-up: SOUL
pants: JS
shoes: Shoebox
bag: H&M

Yay an outfit shot again! But pardonnez-moi for the blurry photos as it was my brother who took them. He's a frisky kid so his hand isn't steady yet. I am training him and he's willing to learn cause I promised to pay him for every nice photo he'll take. >:) (sshhhh)

Anyway, this is one of my "uniforms". This is what I wear when I'm too lazy or in a rush to pick out clothes from my meager closet. It's for the same reason that I chose to wear this yesterday--I was in a hurry for school. I usually wear this with jeans but I wore it with these pants I bought at JS Gaisano (hello bargain, they're at 350php!!). I bought them a size bigger because I wanted to hide my muffin top. I'm kind of regretting it though cause it's actually stretchable and it kept sliding down my waist!! Plus, I felt a bit off about the wide hem; I'm not used to wide-legged pants even though they should be my best friends. They hid my thunder thighs, which is one of my problem areas.

On the upside, even though these were loose on me, at least I felt I thin! =)) #femalepains

Anyway, on to a more somber note. Bagyong Pablo happened. I'm watching the news now and I feel sad for all the casualties esp in ComVal and Davao Oriental. That is so close to home! I'm thankful nothing happened to Davao but it's still so sad that this had to happen and so close to Christmas. :( Hope you guys will be able to donate/volunteer!

Gifts that Give


Tis the season for gift giving but I think that it'd do the world a whole lot of good if we gave gifts that give--gifts that help our environment, promote a cause or give livelihood to the underprivileged. Here I've compiled a few of my favorites: 

Beach Bomb / 50ml


Ever since the Leyende event (and ever since I discovered their products), I've grown to like this cologne a lot (I also like their Mother Butter Cocoa lotion, which you can also buy here). It smells so fresh and it smells better the longer it is out! BTW, I am running out of perfume too, so *hint, hint* ;)

You can buy this at Zalora (5% off with TheStyleReactor120), Green Options at Gaisano Mall (for Davaoenos) or through http://www.leyende.com/.

Happy December 1st!


Merry Christmas!

Somehow I cannot believe it's December 1st already (and that it's soon about to end). I guess I am getting older and busier to notice how the days pass by. I'm sorry I was not productive in terms of blog entries for November (I just had 6, can you believe it?) but thank you all the same for still dropping by my blog. :) I'm sure with all the upcoming events, I'll have lots to blog about!

So what happened today was I looked for an outfit for the WAGW event next week. There were sales everywhere! Forever 21 had a double markdown sale but it was disappointing--only few items were on sale. I have yet to visit my other shopping spots and the DavCon bazaar tomorrow. After a short nap, my brother, dad, sister and I watched Rise of the Guardians. As I'm typing this entry (and looking for photos of snow), what an apt movie it is for today and the season! It was really funny and there were some heartwarming moments in there. I felt guilty because I realized how jaded and negative I can be. I wish I could have (or at least keep) that childlike wonder and innocence again.

For now, some pictures to get me (us) into the Christmas mood. Sorry for all the snow pictures. I'm so fascinated by it. One day, I do hope that dream my friends and I have of having a White Christmas comes true.

Beautiful shot of New York City in winter

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

Pinned Image


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