cover-up: SOUL
pants: JS
shoes: Shoebox
bag: H&M

Yay an outfit shot again! But pardonnez-moi for the blurry photos as it was my brother who took them. He's a frisky kid so his hand isn't steady yet. I am training him and he's willing to learn cause I promised to pay him for every nice photo he'll take. >:) (sshhhh)

Anyway, this is one of my "uniforms". This is what I wear when I'm too lazy or in a rush to pick out clothes from my meager closet. It's for the same reason that I chose to wear this yesterday--I was in a hurry for school. I usually wear this with jeans but I wore it with these pants I bought at JS Gaisano (hello bargain, they're at 350php!!). I bought them a size bigger because I wanted to hide my muffin top. I'm kind of regretting it though cause it's actually stretchable and it kept sliding down my waist!! Plus, I felt a bit off about the wide hem; I'm not used to wide-legged pants even though they should be my best friends. They hid my thunder thighs, which is one of my problem areas.

On the upside, even though these were loose on me, at least I felt I thin! =)) #femalepains

Anyway, on to a more somber note. Bagyong Pablo happened. I'm watching the news now and I feel sad for all the casualties esp in ComVal and Davao Oriental. That is so close to home! I'm thankful nothing happened to Davao but it's still so sad that this had to happen and so close to Christmas. :( Hope you guys will be able to donate/volunteer!


  1. hi! i love you! :) hello, im randomly spamming your comments section! haha! #CDO2013

    1. Hi love :)) First time mo ATA magcomment! :))

  2. U look cute..i enjoyed reading almost all ur blog post..followed u on gfc!!

    Hope u can follow me back.




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