The To-Don't List


I read an article shared by my friend Yana on Darling Magazine about a To-DON'T List. That's right, a to-don't list. There are to-do lists and there are to-don'ts. Your to-don't list can be your list of many things like fashion to-don'ts, general to-don'ts, to-don't ever etc but the to-don't list I'm talking about is the same as the one mentioned in the article I linked.

In this day and age where overachievers are getting younger and younger, it's hard to not want to do everything and cram everything just to be (or even feel) accomplished. I don't see anything wrong with that though, but being pressured to do well all the time, be perfect all the time and check things off your to-do list as you keep adding stuff on to it is just madness. The list just doesn't get any shorter.

So, in line with this as well as Easter (which connotes resurrection or turning over a new leaf), I've made my own to-don't list of the things or traits I will stop giving myself a hard time over.

Stylish Saturdays: Hapatime


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Just a quick post!

I know I haven't done any Stylish Saturday posts in a long time so allow me to do one now! I'm featuring my new favorite blogger Jessica of! I saw a photo of her in a blush mullet dress before and I've always wanted to find her. Fast forward to a few weeks later--turns out I was already following her on Chictopia!! Boo Farrah, boo!

Anyway, aside from being so pretty (she's half-Japanese, half-Caucasian!), I love her style aesthetic. I'm all for the simple, classic neutral look she has going (probably from the Zen Japanese side of her!). Her interview here says her style icons are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Olivia Palermo, which are two of mine! More photos after the jump, or better yet visit her blog here!

From Hell (Week) and Back


This skirt is my gauge for how much I weigh. If I feel like I look huge in it, I gained weight. If I look and feel good in it, my butt isn't the size of Jupiter.

Love this photo! It looks like twas taken at a summer festival! :)
hat: Parfois

Last Friday at about 2pm, I submitted my Filipino paper (the very same one I've been b*tching about for a few posts now), my last requirement for the sem so as of Friday, I was officially free!! Or not quite. Actually, I just got home from school for the last activity of the semester--a play for our Literature class. I was just one of the behind-the-scenes people though so nothing major there.

Anyway, sorry again for the week without posts!! It was hell exam week, which I'm sure you all can identify with. I wasn't supposed to be stressed because I planned everything out but at the last minute (last Monday), when I was about to print my Filipino paper, I found out my file got corrupted. I anticipated these "technical difficulties" since it has happened to me so I emailed myself copies of the files after I edited them but the last copy I had that wasn't ALSO corrupted was from around March 10 so it was so bare! To make a long story short, I had to re-type a paper I worked on for a month in a day and a half (found out the deadline was actually Friday. phew!) That's not counting my mega combo 4 exam day last Wednesday (8 am-9pm)!

On Graduation and Overstaying


In a few days time (and in a month for my UP friends), my friends will be graduating from college. This, plus knowing I have a couple more years to go before my own graduation gives me mixed feelings. First of all, naturally, I'm happy for them. Congratulations you guys!! However, it made me think "Where did the years go?" I remember entering college in 2008 thinking March 2013 would be MY endgame. Back then, I was so idealistic and confident I would finish in time. How naive of me not to know the ChE mortality rate!! Haha



shoes: Privileged at Robinson's Dept Store (Feebee's)
bag: Feebee's
blazer: from my grandmother

I've always wanted to see what I'd look like in a blazer, band tee and shorts combo. I've always thought the combination was fool-proof outfit for concerts or parties. I don't have band tees though because I'm not really the kind of person who buys things with logos or markings that are easily identifiable. Anyway, I wore this to a lunch date with Mithi (she took my photos BTW! Thanks woman!) yesterday. We were supposed to try out Sea Green (a healthy food place) but it was closed. We went to La Bodeguita after but they didn't have a chef so we ended up at Spirale. Haha. It was reaaallly hot day yesterday, thus the shorts! I also wore my ratty old tee (which I usually wear to the gym only) because it's breezy. I just put the blazer on to make everything looked polished. Mithi and I planned to go to the Marco Polo party after (so this would've been the perfect day-to-night ensemble yes?) but decided at the last minute not to because we were so tired! Not to worry though, we are going to get our #ArawngDabaw on tonight! HAHA

Anyway, sorry for the mini-hiatus! It was the last week of class and next week's exam week so I haven't had the chance to take photos of anything. Mit and I had a mini-shoot yesterday though so I'd have something to post in the next few days. Also, thank you for dropping by my blog. My daily pageviews tell me that you guys still drop by so it isn't it as if I ever left. >:)<

Happy Araw ng Dabaw, Davaoenos!


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Water and Earth


top: Terranova
bag: H&M c/o Mia
shoes: Shoebox

Just leaving you with a short post showing you what I wore when I went to SMLP (naks SMLP. I think people refer to SM Lanang as SML though so..) with my family two weeks ago I think. I tend to get cold easily and SM is so cold so I covered up. I never thought that brown and turquoise would look good together so I was really glad the way this outfit turned out.

PS. Our hair (my sister's and mine) is long there. We got haircuts a week ago. Mine's a bit edgy like Hanna of Pretty Little Liars, so I'm looking for outfits of hers I can take inspiration from to create a look.

PPS. Anyone know someone who makes blog layouts? I want to redo my blog, even just the header.

PPPS. I would love to hear from you!! What does it take for a girl to get some comments? HAHA. xx


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SEA Technical Fair


A break from the fashion posts first!

I'm inviting everyone to Ateneo's School of Engineering and Architecture's Technical Exhibit at Abreeza Mall this Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9, 2013. My Industrial Chemistry class and I will be exhibiting the products we made during our lab class and we'll be there too to answer questions! So if you wanna see me (chos! BTW, I'll be at the Chemical Engineering booth) or if you're a high school student who's interested in taking up either Engineering or Architecture in college or an Engineering/Architecture major from another college... Basta if you're living and breathing, drop by the fair this weekend!

See you!!!

PS. You can watch the teaser video here.


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Hello March!

Just welcoming the last month of school with a realllllly old outfit post, the last one I've saved in my drafts. I haven't been taking photos of my outfits to school for the past two weeks cause I felt too lazy to care or dress up but I hope that's about to change soon. Or at least I hope I have time to take outfit shots soon. I did a little shopping so I have at least more stuff to overuse and blog about. HAHA


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