Nothing Cool About "Kulugo": My Warts Removal Experience


A few weeks back, my sister and I got facials. It's been waaayy too long since my last one (12 years, in fact! Side story: I had my first and only facial in FIRST YEAR HIGH SCHOOL, because I was at SM, had just gotten my stipend from school and was bored. Haha. After that, di na nasundan--until about a month ago). Anyway, as the attendant was cleaning my face, she told me "Ma'am, may warts pala kayo. Andami o", and I was like, "where???" because I couldn't see any. 

I don't know about you, but when I hear the word "wart", I immediately think of something resembling a boil, only less red. And when you search for photos of either, Google shows really vile images--like the worst-case scenarios--that you can't help but associate that to uncleanliness and bad hygiene practices. And I wasn't unclean. I know I'm a little too low-maintenance when it comes to skin care, but I think I do enough (read: the bare minimum) not to call myself unclean.


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