top: Suiteblanco
skirt: Forever 21
shoes: SM Parisian

Just a quick post showing you some of my favorite photos which my friend Ayessa took a couple of weeks back. This outfit was purely by coincidence. I'd brought over a bunch of clothes and this is what I paired off. I especially love the second photo cause it highlights my curves (Ayessa taught me how to pose! HAHA) and the pose and simplicity of the whole outfit reminded me of Audrey Hepburn.

With so much influence from TV teaching us that it's okay be trashy biatches in order to be famous, simplicity is an art form that's been neglected. Plus, it's so easy for people to claim they're "classy" but their actions portray otherwise. I'm not going to cite examples of people who claim to be classy but to put it this way, to me the modern kind of classy ladies are educated, assertive and gracious (Think Michelle Obama, Queen Rania of Jordan and Kate Middleton). Honestly, it's okay to speak your mind but make sure it doesn't hurt others. It's okay to go after what you want, as long as you don't step on anyone's toes and claw (or sleep) your way to the top. And when someone insults you, smile sweetly and give them a piece of your mind not via insult but by a showcase of your acerbic wit. As one of my favorite sayings go:

Be a  girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude, and a lady with class.

My sister and cousins are having a joint sweet 16th tonight at Starr! Have to get ready!



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FIDA Grad Show: Inclinations


Last Sunday, I had the privilege of attending FIDA's first graduation fashion show at SM Lanang Premier. My friends Kyrie Banos and Wilson Limon were among those who showcased their collection.

Makeup Workshop


Last Tuesday, Kwesh, Dawn, Gelianne and I went to Rien's house for a make-up workshop conducted by her mom. I already attended the FIDA workshop 2 years ago but I didn't get to apply much of what I've learned because I (still) don't have the necessary tools. HAHA. But it's important for me to apply what I've re-learned since I'm now a blogger (charot). I have to put my best face forward, so to say.

Labels and Breaking Out of Them

I like surprising people. I like being someone they don't expect.

For example, when people know me first as Blogger Farrah, they get shocked to find I'm taking up Engineering. Then when people first know me as Engineering Farrah, they try to figure out how fashion fits into the equation (Math pun intended).



I don't know what it is with leather (or in my case "leather") jackets and black that they are associated with bad girls. I think that you can't immediately tell if someone is a good girl or a bad girl based on outward appearance alone. One of the things I emphasized in my talk to the kids last Monday, the way we dress is how we project ourselves to the world (it could be the way we currently feel or the mood we are trying to evoke) but it's not entirely who we are. For example, on paper I may seem like the good girl but I do have my share of bad girl traits. I don't do the whole excessive partying thing bit hence the #medyobadgirl title. HAHA

The Future Looks Bright


Last Monday, my fellow bloggers and I from the Davao Fashion Bloggers group gave a talk and mini-styling session for the kids taking the South Spot workshop. The talk was for 12-16 year olds so I thought it was best to make youthful my usual basic neutral outfits by injecting color. Besides, summer is the perfect time to wear color and lots of it!

The Positivity Project


Although a week is a week, the past week felt extraordinarily long! That is what I get for doing nothing home. I’ve been really bored out of my wits that it’s affected the way I felt, thought and interacted with people. I didn’t want to feel that way for long (like I was passing life by and waiting for something good to happen) so on one of those nights I felt like I was wasting my day away, I made a conscious decision to not just be contented with the way my days were passing by uneventfully. Thus, my positivity project was born.

Nail Colors


Two weeks ago after all our exams, Lorraine and I planned a pamper day to treat ourselves for all the hard work we put into the semester. Our first stop was Nail Colors at Jacinto, near our school. We were canvassing salons a few days before and there are probably 3 good ones where we could have our nails done but we chose Nail Colors because of the ambiance, interior and of course, the polish. I'm partial to OPI and Orly. Haha :)

Carnival de Rainhas 2 (plus a giveaway!)


Hola Amigas!

The Regina Iustitiae Sorority from the Ateneo de Manila Law School is inviting us to
Carnival de Rainhas 2!

Carnival de Rainhas literally translates to Carnival of Queens and is in fact held annually in the city of Bethlehem, Brazil a month before Easter. The Carnival is considered as a farewell to negative things, as well as a preparation for the coming of Easter. In relation to the event, it will be held not only as a way to say goodbye to the school year, but also to usher in the summer season with a bang! How'd you like that? I'm sure all my UP friends would be glad to take a break from everything!

This year’s event is the second installment of Carnival de Rainhas, which was held last year at the Rockwell Tent. The sisters of Regina Iustitiae promise that this year’s event will be bigger and brighter!There will be over 100 food and non-food concessionaires, several game booths, inflatable castles, and concessionaires offering services geared towards the young and young at heart, such as face painting, balloon twisting, caricature drawing, fortune telling and many more. The event truly promises to be an entertaining and fun way to spend Sunday with family and friends. :)

And to start April with a bang,
I'm giving away two (2) tickets to Carnival de Rainhas! 

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your twitter username. I'm on Twitter a lot so I'll be tweeting you! :) I'm giving the two to one person, so she can bring a friend. You can comment until April 5, 12nn so I can pick a winner!

Remember, you MUST be at Manila on April 7!

Updates about the event can be found on their Facebook page:


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