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Although a week is a week, the past week felt extraordinarily long! That is what I get for doing nothing home. I’ve been really bored out of my wits that it’s affected the way I felt, thought and interacted with people. I didn’t want to feel that way for long (like I was passing life by and waiting for something good to happen) so on one of those nights I felt like I was wasting my day away, I made a conscious decision to not just be contented with the way my days were passing by uneventfully. Thus, my positivity project was born.

My mother always told me there is power in thoughts and words. So, you attract what you think and speak of. I’m not necessarily the most positive person there is though. I’ve been exposed to science, which requires facts and proof and thus has given me a realistic view of the world. So it really is hard for me sometimes to believe when all the evidence is presented right smack in my face. Of course there are other things which science cannot explain (like faith, which I do not question. but can I just add that because of my Theology class last semester I've learned that there are historical evidences supporting the stories in the Bible which amazed me. God really plans everything perfectly).

Anyway, one night I was feeling extremely toxic and I didn’t like that so I Googled “How to be Positive” and among the articles shared, I copied the ones I liked and felt I should do more to compile into what is now part of my positivity project. I wrote these tips on my planner, as well as some quotes to reflect on. Let me share some of my tips from the list:

1)      Stay away from negative people.

For me, this is the first thing that had to go. Sure I was just staying at home, but I was somehow exposed to people via the social networking sites I constantly checked out of boredom. Those people I were pissed at for flooding my feed? Yeah, I unsubscribed them. Why bother keeping them there? They didn't know I was pissed at them so the only loser was me.

2) Stop comparing!

This is also HUGE for me since I have my moments wherein I get quite insecure from what I see, hear or read (from Facebook mostly) but I read a really great article recently saying that what people post online isn't the whole truth. It shows the fun parts but not the sad parts. It shows the finished product but not what you needed to do to get to the finished product. To quote the article, 

"When you’re waiting for your coffee to brew, the majority of your friends probably aren’t doing anything any more special.

But it only takes one friend at the Eiffel Tower to make you feel like a loser."
True, right? Just to back this thought up, I remember one time I went out with a bunch of people not from my usual group and the next day they were posting and gushing "Oh such a great night! Soooo epic" and I thought to myself, "It wasn't that epic". Well, I mean compared to what I thought was an epic night. But if that's what was epic then...okaaay. I'm not missing out on a lot. I keep that incident in mind for times I feel a bit jealous. People sometimes exaggerate about having a really good time to make it seem like their lives are so enviable but I think if you really had a good time, you wouldn't find the need, nor would you have the time to post it cause that was indeed what you were having: a good time.
Related to #2, sometimes when we are down and so bored we tend to check our Social Networking Sites. It's a lose-lose situation because when see our friends having a dandy time, going places and having their grand experiences, our lack thereof is magnified because we are sitting home feeling like losers and feeling bad about ourselves. Plus, the toxic people we have on our News Feeds? Pssh! Recipe for negativity! It's always a good idea to unplug or isolate yourself for a while. It's great to not know things and not be pressured, jealous or annoyed. I have certain days wherein I don't check my SNS or my phone and just curl up with a book at home. I feel at peace and it's liberating actually to sometimes not give a damn.

4) De-clutter!

I cleaned my room to let the good energy flow in. Plus I got a workout from it. Yay endorphins!

5) Be Productive!

If you want something to happen to you, do something about it instead of moaning and wailing about your lack of opportunities! Productivity decreases negativity because you are so busy doing things and living your life that you don't have time for small things. I really look up to Aidx in this aspect. He really has initiative and makes his own opportunities, that's why he is so accomplished at a young age.

6) Exercise

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Best explained by one of my favorite fictional characters, Elle Woods:
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7) Have a grateful heart

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There is always something to be thankful for.

8) Do something kind
I need to do this more often!!

Last week, my brother celebrated his birthday with his soccer team mates. My brother plays for the Black Knights at Agro. The kids there come from poor families and it's great they have soccer going on for them. After soccer, they get free merienda and then for tournaments, they get to travel. They also need to go to school to be able to play on the team. Basically, being on the team gives them perks and opportunities they would have otherwise. Anyway, after their practice last week we treated them to merienda. Simple things like a burger, juice and ice cream made them happy but it touched something in me, seeing how happy they were at these things I normally take for granted. It was a welcome change for me since it was about that time last week I was feeling so foul. 

It's better to focus your energies on helping others, right?

9) Smile
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One of my silly pick me uppers when I'm really down is to force myself to smile. Why? The act itself is silly and I feel silly imagining myself doing it too so I end up laughing. haha

A smile needs nothing but gives a lot. We are also attracted to people who smile a lot because they give off that positive and friendly aura. I need to smile more too though; people often mistake me for being someone unapproachable. (But I smile naman at my photos here in my blog! Haha. IRL lang I'm not so smiley)

10) It's a matter of perspective

You can have the WORST day but someone could still be having it worse. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own troubles, we forget there are people who have it worse than we do yet still find time to smile. In the greater scheme of things, our problems are inconsequential. So breathe, and don't worry about a thing!

Let me share you so far a piece of my own good news which I've gotten (or maybe which I would've appreciated less had I not done this positivity project):

I just found out that the QPI needed for an Ateneo student to get in the Dean's List is 3.35. Mine was 3.30!  (All the while I thought it was 3.60! Haha, which goes to show how high I set standards for myself) Almost there! I know, I know. It was so close! But I'm still happy though because it restored my faith in myself (kaya ko pala!), it boosted my morale and despite getting a D, I still almost made it. I'm now looking forward to October to see if I can finally get on it! HAHA

I like myself better when I am positive/happy/in a good mood. :)

Hope you got some useful tips? xx


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  1. Those are some great things to think about, I personally think I need to be more positive myself and those are some great things to start. But yeah you are so close, you can make it on the deans list, kaya mo yan girl! :)




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