Cheap Thrills


I spent my afternoon yesterday tutoring a 3rd year in Chemistry. Afterwards, I headed to SM North Edsa. I was looking for suspenders as an alternative to a belt for these pants I bought which are SUPER LOOSE. No, I didn't lose weight (I wish though!) but rather, I made a mistake buying my size, when the pants were actually stretchable. So I ended up with pants 2 sizes bigger than me.


So anyway, I tried on the suspenders (which I was gonna pair with a straw fedora, a plain black shirt and espadrilles) but I looked stupid in them. I remember my grandfather used to wear them. Now, I don't know anyone who does. I was trying to resurrect a trend. hihi :)

So anyway, I went to the ladies' department to look for a belt. Tough luck on that! I couldn't find any to my liking (at the same time, one that would fit). Dejected, I went to the shoe department. The first thing I saw was

Yes. They were PEEPTOE BOOTIES at 50% off! (they now cost 600php only)
sadly, they didn't have them in my size.

close-up view of peep-toe booties

So anyway, I took photos of the shoes I found to my liking

Red Soles like Loubs

in love with the black ones! but they are at the regular price. :(

These are clog-loafers in camel, I think it's called. I absolutely love them!
They are not too high and they have a thick heel so it's not hard for me to walk in them.
They look good with my folded jeans as well, don't you think? :)

more studded booties <3

these nude shoes remind me of Michelle Williams' dress for this year's Golden Globes :)

I also loved the color of these pumps. They match my nails! :)

I went to the accessories department also, and tried out stuff.

 I am loving hats! They add an extra pizzazz to your outfit!

  1. Below is me, channeling my inner Avril. I tried on this necktie. There was also a bow (not headband bow BTW), like what Blair used to wear on Gossip Girl. I couldn't take a pic of it though cause my hand covered the bow.

Gorge ring with a gorge price as well.
I am not open to paying 300 for this ring. I can buy a top with that!

Necklaces with spikes. They're quite edgy, especially with a plain top.
You can also wear them with your LBD.

I took a photo of this "Kipling" pouch. Well that's because I have a Kipling bag in the same print.
And I used to think it was an ugly print.

Flower pony-holder. It's so easy to make with scrap cloth.
But doesn't it remind you of Forever 21?
This costs 79php

More necklaces.
and a beret with a studded peace design.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend because today's the only day I get to rest! I played make-up artist/creative director to a shoot last Saturday, then I taught yesterday. I'm still tired, but it's all good. It feels nice to be productive!

Sorry SM, if you have a no-photo taking policy.
And I must say, my Samsung Champ takes good enough photos. :)

Pamper Me


That's a picture of me, covering my nose. My nose is huge, I feel insecure about it!
Anyway, enough about my nose.

This week was relatively stress-free. 
After Wednesday, I was able to relax. I headed over to the nail salon right after class to get a mani-pedi. I chose this purple shade from the Face Shop. I have been thinking about that shade of polish ever since I tried it out. I was supposed to buy it but I decided otherwise. 2011=better spending habits! Anyway, I also chose this because it was my grandfather's birthday that day and his favorite ice cream flavor was (is) Ube. He's in the States now; I wonder if he still gets to enjoy his favorite ice cream flavor.

Today, I got summoned to do the make-up for our batch's Ms. ChE, which is a pageant for ChE week. It's the first time we'll ever be holding that. I hope that next year, I'll be our batch's representative! hahahaha. I told my friend Heidi that that was my new motivation to lose weight. I love that woman! She's like a mother hen! Anyway, I didn't have to do a lot with regards to putting make up on our Ms ChE (mostly, eye shadow changes. haha) but I did enjoy wielding the make up brush like a pro, and helping direct the shoot a bit. :)

I headed to Trinoma afterwards to withdraw, but I ENDED UP SPENDING ALL MY MONEY. I bought a bag in Tomato--my first huge BLACK bag which I have needed for school the longest time! Anyway, there was also a hot pink one as well as a sort of greenish-gray. I swear, I am coming back for them! Before I left, I passed by the MAC counter and I was instantly drawn to the eyeliner. Other than blush, I think it's the best way to brighten up your face or call attention. Luckily, the make-up artist/saleslady (but I'd much prefer to call her make-up artist because she's legally one! yep, I asked her!) was really nice. She made me sit in the make up chair and applied liner and blush on my face. I felt like a model, at least for a little while. :)

It re-piqued my interest to go to make-up school!
So, that's how I got that photo.

PS. Good thing I covered my nose, cause I am also conscious about my upper lip. I have yet to have it waxed! Also my eyebrows, I have yet to have them fixed. Then maybe I can wear contacts. People in Chem Eng'g are contacts-crazed right now! I don't know why. My friends have been bugging me to go about it too. We'll see. I still am conscious over my nose! :|

Stylish Saturdays: Rachel Bilson


No one evokes this more than RACHEL BILSON.

Rachel Bilson, who became a household name because of her role
as the sassy Summer Roberts on The OC, is my style icon.

She is usually photographed out and about town in jeans, a nice jacket, a lovely bag, and flats. She occasionally wears scarves and is almost always not without her sunnies (to hide her from the paparazzi, of course! :) )

If you've noticed, she seldom has anything printed. If there was any, it would be the scarf, skirt or printed dresses.

She isn't really a fan of accessories, prefering maybe earrings or a nice bag, but my favorite accessories of hers were her gorgeous ex-boyfriends Adam Brody and Hayden Christensen! Too bad she isn't with any of 
them anymore. :(

Even though she is dressed so simply, I  think what makes Rachel Bilson keep landing on all the best dressed lists is her attitude. She has this inner spunkiness, sunshine and confidence emanating from within. Other than that, it's the effortlessness of what she's wearing--she always looks comfortable!

Being in college and having to run around campus all day, I favor jeans over shorts and skirts because I need to be in something comfortable! I wear flats a lot, and like Rachel Bilson, I tend not to go for anything with too much print because I usually think that people remember your clothes more if they are printed.

The best thing about her (our?) style is that you can look at her photos and NOT know that it was taken in 2007 or what, when this trend was in, which makes her photos look NOT dated. Quoting Mean Girls, "She's always fierce, she always wins Spring Fling Queen (well in the OC anyway!)"

*photos from Tumblr. I don't know the exact sources

Golden Globes 2011


It's awards season time again!
Time to see who ruled the red carpet at the 2011 Golden GLobes!

My favorites were

*image from
Lea Michele in Oscar dela Renta
She always picks dresses like these, but she looks good. Claire Danes trumps all the pink-wearers in my opinion though.

Claire Danes in Calvin Klein
(by the way, her husband is GORGE. Hugh Dancy, WHY? :(( )

Sandra Bullock (not so sure about the hair though!) in Jenny Packham
Favorite Studded Dress
*image from

Dianna Agron in J. Mendel
(I'm not really loving the shoes though, but she looks like a goddess, as always!)

Zac Efron in Calvin Klein. He looks HOTTT with his new hair.
(I guess I'll forever be biased with Zac Efron)

Carrie Underwood in Badgley Mischka
(not digging the hair though)
*image from

Olivia Wilde in Marchesa
Favorite "Prom" Dress :))
*image from

Leighton Meester in Burberry
Favorite Romantic Look
I'm not really a fan of Leighton's red carpet looks. I think this one is her best yet!
*image from

Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive
Favorite I'm-Breaking-Free-from-my-Good-Girl-Image Look:)
I am in love with the way she just carried that dress! Such a far cry from her pre-Prada days! :)

My observation: A lot wore their hair down. Colors were light, leaning toward the nudes, pinks. Staples like black and silver also showed up. Long-sleeved dresses with the backs cut out were also a common occurrence--Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway and Emma Stone donned them. I love Emma Stone and everything, but I don't like her blonde hair, and her pink dress sort of washed her off. 
There was a lot of sparkly dresses also; Taylor Swift would be proud! :) There was a lot of green as well--Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis, Catherine Zeta Jones in Monique Lhuillier. (and I thought ORANGE was the color of the year. Glad it's not!)

I also noticed that a lot of the artistes were not in their usual all-out flamboyant selves. I loved Tilda Swinton's look too, by the way. She proved LESS is definitely MORE.

Tilda Swinton in Jil Sander

Justin Bieber's suit looked too big for him, just to comment.

And yeah, I haven't seen Black Swan yet but congratulations to Natalie Portman for winning Best Actress! :)

Trendspotting: Beanie Babies

They are all the rage right now!

Justin Timberlake has been wearing them before the end of time. Love the way he mixes things up with those glasses and plaid polo.

Ex-lovers Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens also wear the ubiquitous accessory. I love V's look. Her cascading curls lend a hippie vibe, which goes with her laidback style. Zac looks hot, as always. Look at those biceps! (I'm biased!)
BTW, I heard they got back together?

Robert Pattinson, rocking the trend. I haven't been a fan of RPattz lately but I have to admit, he looks hot here!

Jake loves blondes.. and chicks in beanies. Jake Gyllenhaal's exes, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. Now who wore it better? 

I love Taylor and everything but I'd have to go with Reese. Also paired with Jake, Reese looked better! Too bad Reese is engaged now. :(

Seems like Jake himself is a fan of this trend. I'm imagining how cute he and Reese would look wearing their outfits together!

Told my friend Mithi she probably started it all!
This photo was taken March 2010, we were at the airport about to go home.

What would you wear your beanie with?





A lot of people I know are shoe-a-holics, but I'm more of a bag-aholic! I have a lot of red bags, although in all the wrong sizes! Most of them are too small to use in school. So anyway, I looked in Polyvore and here are some of the bags that caught my eye.

Top Row (L-R) Chloe Paraty Medium, Alexander McQueen Samurai embroidered clutch, Red Mulberry Alexa

Second Row (L-R) Marc Jacobs bag, ASOS leather portfolio, Balenciaga

Third Row (L-R) Proenza Schouler PS1, McQueen studded knuckle box clutch, Marc Jacobs Natasha clutch

Okay, if you've noticed, I still put in red bags! The Mulberry Alexa--gah! I am in love with that bag! I think that's Clara's bag in Mara Clara, except in Pink. The Proenza Schouler PS1 is also a must-have, if you want satchels!

 I am also in love with the McQueen clutches! They are just so different, so edgy! My favorite though is the one with the Union Jack and skull, but I couldn't find it on Polyvore. I want a leather portfolio as well! It looks so chic, paired with a striped top, jeans and heels!

So anyway, I don't have any of these bags yet. Low priced, high priced, it doesn't really matter as long as it's of good quality. :)

Stylish Saturdays: Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad is my other style icon. 
I've known about her since her Laguna Beach days wherein I was more of a Kristin Cavallari fan. I thought LC was the bad girl!

On the last episode of Laguna Beach (season 3, I think), she went off to Los Angeles.
and *poof*, the Hills was born! :))

LC studied fashion and had an internship at Teen Vogue. I haven't been able to finish the first season of The Hills, so I don't know exactly what happened, but in between then and now, she became an overnight star. 

Along with her rise to fame came the cementing of her status as a fashion icon as well, like her soon-to-be-royal lookalike Kate Middleton. A lot of girls (me included) loved LC's effortlessly chic look. It's almost like Rachel Bilson's but more girly (she prefers nudes, basics and pinks). She wears cardigans a lot of times and generally like loose tops in breezy fabrics like jersey or cotton.

As for accessories, she also almost always favors nice bags (I guess her favorite is Chanel, as seen in the photo above and the ones below), and maybe a bangle.

Using her fashion icon status, she didn't stop at just providing all celeb and fashion watchers with something to talk about, she even gave them something to read about! Lauren Conrad has had 4 books published: the LA Candy Series, which I've read, and Style, which is like a to-do book on what to wear. She also launched her clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection, at the Mercedes Benz fashion week at LA in 2008. She also designed a line, LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's in Fall of 2009.

I think what makes Lauren Conrad truly classy is not her clothes, but what's inside her head. She's a smart girl for not having to resort to wild publicity stunts (and skanky clothes!) to get noticed. And now, she is reaping the benefits of all her efforts. 

According to Wikipedia, "Conrad launched a production company, Blue Eyed Productions, in early 2009, It has purchased the rights to turn L.A. Candy into a movie, in which Conrad would work as an executive producer. The movie will be based on three books. Conrad has appeared in interviews saying she is currently working on the movie's production and that it is her main focus."

So who said nice girls finish last?


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