Stylish Saturdays: Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad is my other style icon. 
I've known about her since her Laguna Beach days wherein I was more of a Kristin Cavallari fan. I thought LC was the bad girl!

On the last episode of Laguna Beach (season 3, I think), she went off to Los Angeles.
and *poof*, the Hills was born! :))

LC studied fashion and had an internship at Teen Vogue. I haven't been able to finish the first season of The Hills, so I don't know exactly what happened, but in between then and now, she became an overnight star. 

Along with her rise to fame came the cementing of her status as a fashion icon as well, like her soon-to-be-royal lookalike Kate Middleton. A lot of girls (me included) loved LC's effortlessly chic look. It's almost like Rachel Bilson's but more girly (she prefers nudes, basics and pinks). She wears cardigans a lot of times and generally like loose tops in breezy fabrics like jersey or cotton.

As for accessories, she also almost always favors nice bags (I guess her favorite is Chanel, as seen in the photo above and the ones below), and maybe a bangle.

Using her fashion icon status, she didn't stop at just providing all celeb and fashion watchers with something to talk about, she even gave them something to read about! Lauren Conrad has had 4 books published: the LA Candy Series, which I've read, and Style, which is like a to-do book on what to wear. She also launched her clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection, at the Mercedes Benz fashion week at LA in 2008. She also designed a line, LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's in Fall of 2009.

I think what makes Lauren Conrad truly classy is not her clothes, but what's inside her head. She's a smart girl for not having to resort to wild publicity stunts (and skanky clothes!) to get noticed. And now, she is reaping the benefits of all her efforts. 

According to Wikipedia, "Conrad launched a production company, Blue Eyed Productions, in early 2009, It has purchased the rights to turn L.A. Candy into a movie, in which Conrad would work as an executive producer. The movie will be based on three books. Conrad has appeared in interviews saying she is currently working on the movie's production and that it is her main focus."

So who said nice girls finish last?

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