Hello Again, 2011!


As you can see from the date since I last posted, I've neglected to blog in the LONGEST time! I was (and still am) super busy with school, plus I didn't have anything to write about. Anyway, I got inspired by my friend, Cheyser Pedregosa to blog again. (Check out her blog! It's awesome, by the way. I should stop talking about her or else I end up like a foaming-in-the-mouth fan!)

So, I've renamed by blog to LAYERED VINTAGE LUXE. Say whut?

It's a name I invented for an outfit I wore to school one day. I missed my first class and was already late for the second one, so I threw on this vintage dress I got at a roadside thrift shop for 30php (about 60 cents) and wore it as a top, jeans and a black cardigan from my grandmother. Too bad I didn't take a picture of that or any of my other outfits the past few days. I've been so inspired to dress up lately! :)

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