Au Revoir 2013


To compare my 2013 to my 2012 blogging-wise, it was a pretty slow and quiet year. 2013 in general was a quiet year actually. By the way, sorry I just got back. I wasn't supposed to blog since it seemed like such short notice and I wasn't (and still am not) prepared at all on what to write, but I felt like I had to. I just couldn't leave things hanging then *poof* appear in 2014 like nothing happened. I missed a lot, blogosphere-wise but enjoyed a lot as well, real-life wise.

Like A Boy (Plus a Giveaway!)


So funny how right now as I'm blogging this, I am wearing the exact same pair of sneakers.

This is the last of the outfits Mithi and I shot at Torres, probably more than a month ago. I remember having come from the gym then. Amazing how a lot has happened in the last month, one major thing which was unforgettable was my getting sprained (sorry. I can't help but bring up the sprain cause these were the shoes I relied on most when I was injured). I'd gone from school girl/gym freak to my most hated state (sprained/injured/) to actual human being (haha to anyone who can get the Mean Girls reference).

Checking In


I'm really sorry it took me 8 days into the LAST month of the year for you to hear from me again. I know, I know. I keep making excuses but I've seriously been LEGIT busy lately, and not even a month has passed since the semester started. To give you an idea how my schedule this semester goes, let's just say that my TTh classes run from 7:40am-9pm, no break. I have a minimum of 2 lab classes per day (on Tuesdays, it's 3--computing lab, actual lab work and computer lab (AutoCAD); on Thursdays I have PE) which each run for 3 hrs. My MWF schedule is lighter but it's those days I do errands, study AND tutor, so I still end up going home late. I missed our house a lot, so I spent the whole of yesterday home alone, resting and studying. I really wanted to watch Frozen, but certain sacrifices must be made if I do want to pass the semester with flying colors. 

Two Outfits, One Day


One of the reasons why I love basics so much is that I can create multiple styles from just a few pieces of clothing. With the right accessories, the possibilities are endless. This is what I kept in mind when I thought of last Wednesday's outfit. My friend told me to come up with my best look since he would be shooting Engineering students' #ootds. When he told me that last Monday, I came up with about 4 different looks but ended up settling for this one, something that wasn't among my original 4 choices. Haha! Last minute again! It's amazing cause I also ended up creating another look from the pieces I was wearing without meaning to.

Catching Fire


#sootd sister ootd: florals and pink

*disclaimer: slightly embarrassing display of desperation, but please, feel free to laugh at my expense :))

Last Saturday, I woke up to texts from my mother telling me that Jeron Teng was in Paradise Island with his mom and dad, that there weren't much people there and that she got a photo with him. First reaction was "FUUUU" and I woke up and told all my sisters. We all agreed that we just had to go! I mean, this was our chance to meet him and get a photo with him away from the prying eye of the public (chos). You know what I mean right, yung walang kaagaw.

The Little Things


Finally made time to blog!

I have so much to share that I feel like blog post vomiting (similar to Cady Heron's word vomit) but I'm going to control myself. One at a time. First of all, congratulations to all my new chemical engineer friends! My friends and batch mates from college took the board exams last Tuesday to Thursday and got the results last night. It seems surreal to me, since I can still vividly recall those class times I spent with them. I mean, I'm aware they graduated (see emo post here), but now they have the "Engr" title attached to their name, it seems all the more legit, like it finally cemented their "grown up" status. Haha! But I'm sure if it's surreal to me, it feels all the more surreal to them! So congrats guys, all your hard work paid off! :)

Anyway, I was initially planning to blog about missed connections. You know, that thing when you run into someone and have this momentary spark? (You'll know why soon!) But I decided not to because aside from the fact that it's sort of depressing (although hopeful at the same time; it's a hopeful kind of depressing then), I got inspired by Vern and Verniece's list of things that make life a bit better so I made a list of my own! Since Christmas is coming soon, it's time to spread the good cheer! :) :) :)



Remember in my last post, I said that I'd be using and abusing this maroon skirt? Well here it is, making a consecutive appearance. I used to be really conscious of whether people would notice that I repeat my clothes since I'm supposedly a fashion blogger but I've come to realize that for one, I blog not for the sponsorships therefore it'd be unrealistic to wear different clothing all the time and two, I think this fact that I repeat clothes is the thing that makes me "human" (or in celeb-speak, "reachable"). This is probably also the fact that makes me different, because at least with a limited amount of clothing I am able to remix styles and create different kinds of looks. Besides, I'm just reaaaallly picky when it comes to clothes. When I buy clothes (especially more expensive pieces), I just have to be able to wear it in more than 7 ways.

Trendspotting: Tartan


One of the hottest trends that made a comeback this year was the grunge look. Many of us associate that look with denim polos, boots and more often than not, plaid prints. Tartan, plaid's Scottish cousin, also made appearances on this year's runway. Both are among fall/autumn 2013's hottest looks. So anyway, I was making my rounds on the blogosphere, I saw posts (that followed each other, no less!) from the international bloggers I follow, wearing tartan.

Comeback Kid


 The past two weeks were probably the longest I went on without updating my blog. As you know, I try to keep it a week tops without blogging. I've promised to try to blog as much as I can since it was our semestral break but I was busy. Ironic how I get to blog more often during school days when I'm supposedly busier, right? Anyway, I'm sure most of you didn't miss me as much since you all probably have been enjoying your own breaks. *drama*

Stylish Saturdays: Mayo Wo


Here is another edition of Stylish Saturdays featuring Mayo Wo of! I really really really love her feminine-romantic style which shines through no matter what she wears! Take that look above for example. That's an example of an androgynous look but I still get the feminine vibe. I'm not sure if it's her photos or just her delicate feel or aura as a person. Nevertheless, I love it! I really wish I could pull these kinds of looks off!

Hips Don't Lie


I wasn't supposed to shoot this particular outfit but since the opportunity presented itself in the form of my uncle's camera and my sister's "willingness" to take my photo, here's another outfit shot for y'alls. These were taken during my cousin Erika's debut party a couple of weeks ago. We were told to come in navy blue.

There's a Couple at the Back


Hello! From Davao.
I'm supposed to be in Cebu now with Mia for her birthday trip (we booked tickets in January) but something went wrong so it didn't push through. I'm still sad about it but there isn't anything more I could do, as our my flight had left last Saturday (when these photos were taken). It was funny too cause right after the time I was originally scheduled to get back to Davao (tomorrow), I had planned to be going to Manila too for an AIESEC NLDC conference. Sadly, that also didn't push through cause when I decided to book tickets, they were already so expensive! ASDFGJKL So I'm spending sembreak in Davao...again.

Styling Portfolio: Foto Modelo Ateneo Team EA


on Paolo: Team Manila shirt; jacket and beanie: Nikko Zamora; jeans and shoes: model's own
on Pitang: Team Manila shirt; plaid polo and skater skirt: Jas Cando; shoes: model's own
A VERY overdue post seeing as the winners have already been chosen, but I just wanted to show you the photos of the outfits I styled. (By the way, Paolo, our male model won 2nd runner up and Gian, our photographer, won best photographer) I participated in the Team Manila street style shoot, for team EA (Engineering and Architecture). I was asked to help out in the contest/shoots, as recommended by Migs. I'm glad I did cause this served as an avenue to meet, work and befriend other engineering students, especially those from the SEC (students executive council). I even miss the team a bit. #clingy

This shoot was memorable as it was my first time to style a guy! I think (well I hope) I really have a knack for it--I love menswear! The shoot's theme was street style and since the brand we were working with was Team Manila, we conceptualized outfits that had a feel of the 90's neo-grunge era, which was timely as that is a recurring trend right now! :)

I'll add more photos once Gian gives me a copy. I hope seeing this post on his timeline pressures him to do so!!

Hope you liked this set! xx


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Stylish Saturday: Nicole Warne


One blogger I am simply obsessed with at the moment is Nicole Warne of I used to follow her when she was still on blogger (garypeppervintage) and still had long hair then. I admit, I wasn't following her religiously then and I don't know I got a hold of her blog again (probably through Instagram where she posts the most beautiful photos!)

Trendspotting: Pajama Dressing


I am going to "bombard" you with more fashion (and not personal style) posts as I haven't done a lot for the past few months. Mostly, my posts were of my outfits or what went on in my life, or my thoughts on things so I'll try to go the other route and share things that caught my eye. (Besides I have yet to shoot more outfits soon! Gah!)

One of these is pajama dressing.

Darcy's Place


Last Friday, I met up with mah gurlz Mithi and Julienne after not seeing them for over a month. The last time we saw each other was at our little chill Kadayawan gathering and even though it's only been a month, it felt like ages! A lot happened that we needed to share in person (cause sometimes, a story told through text messaging does not cut it!) so we planned to meet up.

Our group's problem when we do go out though is..."where to eat?" Even when we were in Manila, where there are tons of establishments to choose from, we'd always take long to pick a place to eat. It was a good thing Mithi thought of and suggested this place, which she's heard raves about from her classmates.

Talk Aint Cheap


Regardless of whatever situation, I think that freedom of speech is imperative.  Granted we follow basic courtesy and try not to curtail someone else’s freedom to do so. That being said, I have all reason to enjoy this freedom of mine and I have a right to do so (speak out) especially if I know I am right.

Remember September


You know the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends"? I think it could go two ways. One, the literal meaning: wake me up when September ends. Like, September is such a long, slow (and probably bad) month that you just wish it could be over. Or two, it could also mean that September is such a fast month. For me, I think it's the latter. I blinked and *poof*, before I could stop to catch my breath, I realize that September is coming to a close.

On a Roll


I am officially on a roll!

I've published 3 blog posts straight already! Congratulate me please. Haha. I don't remember the last time that's ever happened. As you can see, I'm sort of running on a blogging dry spell. Hopefully come semestral break, I'll be able to shoot more outfits with Mithi. =))

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013


The Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) is an event a lot of people (especially Havaianaticos everywhere in the Philippines) look forward to. I'm blessed cause this is the 2nd year I've been invited to experience MYOH again. 

Browhaus comes to Davao!


Last Saturday, Dawn, Rien, Pat and I were invited to Browhaus to learn more about the brand and try out their services. Browhaus is a Singaporean brand that has branches in Jakarta, Bangkok, London, New York, Manila and now, Davao. 

We Can't Stop


If you've noticed, for the past few posts I've been trying out different kinds of styles that are simply "not me". I've tried out a sporty look, a slightly feminine look and now here's my slightly hipster/grunge look.

I Wanna Know What Love Is


Of the little I know of love, I know this much: love is so complicated and paradoxical that no word can fully encompass it nor define it. Why do you think people try to classify it in four kinds: agape, philia, eros and . Anyway why am I talking about something I know so little of? I guess it’s the effect of my Philosophy readings seeping into my system. I try as hard as I can to understand much of it [love, and the readings as well] and so far, I’ve picked up quite a few things to supplement my meager understanding of it.



There are about 3 "new" things I did for this post. First, I am in a statement shirt. (Can I get a whoop whoop here?) Second, I am also jumping on the skater skirt bandwagon. Whoop, whoop! Badaboom! Third, I am decked head to toe in just one brand. Just one brand. It's crazy, I swear.

I'm a Sad Excuse for a Blogger (My Manila Trip)


top: at our forever dinner place--Flaming Wings; middle: some KEM 08's that were at Inter-U; bottom: 10B at NaChES (minus Jenny)
 Just sharing some photos from my recent weekend trip to Manila. No, my trip cannot be summarized in just these 3 paltry photos. I'm just a sad excuse for a "blogger" as I had forgotten my camera. :( Anyway, I attended a Chemical Engineering conference organized by my former org, UP KEM with some of my classmates from Ateneo (UGH I dont even have a pic with them!! How sad is that?).

The One that Got Away


So I am wearing this pair of pink pants in two consecutive posts. This reminds me of the time I wore my blue blazer thrice in a row as well. I feel slightly embarrassed about it. 

But this wasn't supposed to happen.

Pink Panther


This is gonna be a really quick post (or not, depends on how I feel...or how fast I can simultaneously think of something intelligent to type). Hahaha. 

Anyway, by the time this is posted, I'll probably be in Manila, having dinner with Cheyser whom I haven't seen and talked to properly in a year now.  :P



Forgive the mini-hiatus and slightly grainy photos. First of all, I should've blogged about more outfits because I had a 5-day weekend (sadly commencing today) but I was out those 5 4 days (I'll be out later too though so... haha. I'm lucky that I didn't get assigned much homework!) Anyway, I hope I can get back to regular programming soon! And I hope I'll have more to blog about as I'll be flying out to Manila this Friday for a conference organized by my old organization, UP KEM. :)

Song of Style


One of the blogs I subscribe to lately is Aimee Song's Song of Style (thanks to Sam's influence!). I love her blog because she's effortlessly elegant even though she wears plain clothes. To me, when someone wears basic separates and still manages to look elegant, then she's got IT. She's classy. She's stylish and she knows it which is why she doesn't have to prove anything through wild prints and loud colors. It's the kind of style I'm hoping I achieve and wishing I actually can pull off! Sometimes though I feel a tad insecure of myself so I compensate with wearing too much brights, something my mom and sister noticed.

Socially Awkward Penguin


I spend A LOT of time in the library which is why it should come as no surprise that this was one location I had in mind for an outfit shot. I'm at the lib so much that the guards, circulation staff and internet reservation staff know me already. What can I say? The library is a haven for people like me who have no permanent hang-out. Being an irregular student (I have both 3rd and 4th year subjects) in a school that has block sectioning, there are times wherein my classmates have classes when I don't so where do I go? Naturally, to the library. Alone.

Win an $80 Gift Card at Persunmall! (CLOSED)


Happy August 1st! :)

To celebrate the start of a new month, Persunmall emailed me to sponsor another giveaway! This time, they are giving away an $80 gift card to spend on! 

With that $80, you can get so much stuff like the Celine luggage replica (I want this so bad, especially since I can't afford the real one yet!), the Zara-inspired skort, this PS1 inspired bag and a whole lot more! There are so much fashionable choices at Persunmall!

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Thank you so much! Best of luck to everyone! :)

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Grunge Glam


This is what I wore to the day of my actual birthday last Friday. In my last post, I've written in detail how I've spent the day (you can refer to that if you wanna know haha), This is what I wore to lunch with my family and to the Bauhaus event afterwards. To me, Bauhaus gives off a sort of rock/grunge vibe and that's what I had in mind while picking out the outfit.



I celebrated my 22nd birthday yesterday without much fanfare. I don't know if it comes with age *shudder* but ever since I turned 20, I haven't really properly celebrated my birthdays. (And by celebrate, I mean drink and party, which I don't think I've ever done, mostly because it isn't my thing. But don't get me wrong, I do want to try celebrating that way at some point in my life) In fact, yesterday didn't feel like my birthday at all!

My Worst Enemy


Nietzsche said  "the worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself" and I have to agree. How many times have we doubted ourselves and our capabilities? How many times have we compared what we've achieved and what others have achieved? How many times have we been insecure about how we look? How many times have we ever felt that WE. JUST. AREN'T. GOOD. ENOUGH?

Varsity Blues


I'm honestly not really a fan of varsity (or baseball OR letterman) jackets because of the bad rep they have for me. I've seen them on some (no other way to put this so lemme just get it out) jeje people whomI don't want to be associated with, snobby as that sounds. It's too bad though, cause when I was younger, I've always dreamed of dating a jock and subsequently, as his girlfriend, I'd wear the famed jacket (or jersey). Well obviously, that hasn't happened (yet), but what do I know? Perhaps someday I might (even though I feel too old for that jock-brainiac thing), says the girl who's watched one too many teenage high school flicks. HAHA

Busy Week


My Thursdays afternoons are usually reserved for blogging. My class ends at 12:30 on Thursdays and since it's Friday the next day, there's not much left to do, academics-wise. Since it's usually a 4-day gap between the latest post from the last one, all my stories accumulate. Not that I have a lot to tell about my life anyway; a bulk of my blog entries come from my musings, observations (of random people HAHA) and brain farts.



This month (my BIRTHDAY MONTH *yaaaay*) is probably one of the busiest yet best months of my 2013. I'd just gotten back from my 3-day retreat yesterday and I woke up to a busy day. Awhile ago, I had a shoot for FBTV. And actually, I just got back from my cousin's surprise debut party. I had to leave earlier cause tomorrow, I'll have my talk at NCCC and then on Monday, exam week starts. How about that for a busy birthday month? I'm extremely thankful though, especially since YOU guys helped me reach 100,000 page views!!  I don't know exactly when or how that happened (or who was the 100,000th hit) but thank you. I never imagined maintaining a blog that's reached 100,000 views! So even though it's late, I just had to blog. :) #blessed



This is the third and final installment for my polo series and since the last outfit was about Serena, this outfit's obviously inspired by Blair. With a change of the bottom and a change of the shoes, plus the headband, I was able to create another entirely different look (and feel) than the last outfit. This is one of the things I love about fashion: endless possibilities.

The Sisterhood


One of the movies that is showing here in the Philippines now is entitled "Four Sisters and a Wedding". It's about 4 sisters and their youngest (and only) brother who is getting married. I feel like somehow, the story was based on OUR family because I have 3 sisters and 1 youngest brother as well! Intrigued, my mom, sisters, cousins and I watched the movie.

Stylish Saturdays: Taylor Swift


To be honest, before Taylor Swift released her album "Red", I wasn't much of a fan of her Style (uhhh TSwift fans, do you get it? Haha ohkaaaay), but after [probably] dating Conor Kennedy whose great-aunt Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is said to be Taylor's style icon, Taylor upped her ante in the fashion department. I especially loved all her outfits in her "22" music video. For me, her style's a mixture of classic, grown up pieces but sometimes she goes for younger hipster-y pieces too. Plus, she's so pretty, tall and slender that she can pull anything off.



I've come to realize that people are much better equipped at dealing with pain rather than happiness. Perhaps it's because we subconsciously know and accept that life isn't perfect. So, we make do and adapt to those days the best way we can. Sometimes though, there are perfect days and there are perfect moments. When we embrace them, it's bliss. Most of the time though, we get scared that these things are too good to be true and ruin them ourselves. I've always thought, life isn't as complicated as it seems. It's only people that make life complicated.

Ecologically Friendly Fashion


Where do all the clothes that nobody wants go? 

It's something I've wondered about (especially since I have an Environmental Engineering subject this semester) so I decided to Google it. I was quite shocked to find out what happens. Some are recycled and re-styled. Some are donated. Some are sent to developing countries like ours to try to be sold here. You'd be shocked to know that A LOT are thrown away. Some companies even go as far as shredding the clothes so people cannot benefit from them. It's a tad depressing for the engineer/ecologist in me to imagine all those clothes gone to waste, especially when there are a lot of people who have nothing to wear. You can read the article here.

Persunmall Giveaway (CLOSED)


Hello July!

I was sent another email again recently from an online clothing company asking if I wanted to host another giveaway and who am I to say no? :) I've received so much blessings (with our TV show and what not. Speaking of, have you seen the teaser yet?) and July also happens to be my BIRTH MONTH so this'll be like a gift of mine for sorts.

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Good luck guys! :)


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Pretty Little Liar


Hello from the dead.
Pun intended, seeing as this post was entitled Pretty Little Liar. Of course most of you would know the show's premise--it's about 4 friends and the mystery concerning their friend's mysterious disappearance/death. The show's fourth season recently started though I have yet to watch it, seeing that I barely have much time (or chances OR internet connection) to take outfit photos and blog, much more watch series. I wish I could though. Suits is starting the third season in less than two weeks and I still have 5 more episodes to watch before the season finale. Oh and don't get me started on Revenge and Awkward....cause I am not updated with those either. Le sigh

Third Time's the Charm


While doing school work and cleaning up my files on our computer, I saw this outfit shot which Ayessa and I shot about two months ago, when summer class started. Can't believe I just posted this now, and after two consecutive posts with my trusty blue blazer (Coincidentally, I was with Ayessa also when I bought this in Manila. Haha). Thus, the title "Third Time's the Charm".



So if it isn't obvious from the title, my outfit was inspired by one of the more iconic outfits Serena van der Woodsen of Gossip Girl wore in Paris at the start of the fourth season. Now my style isn't very Serena (I actually like Blair's polished style more), but I have to admit that I love how her looks are so effortless and "I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-grabbed-whatever-I-saw"...well, except for this look cause I think that gold and cobalt blue look of hers looked like one of the more polished ones she had. (Proof: she didn't have her signature tousled hair HAHA)

Cool With You


Happy Independence Day!

Let's celebrate the anniversary of our country's freedom in a good way (cause usually we end up going to the mall during holidays, right? I'm guilty of this myself :|). So anyway, we don't have school today and I'm kind of sad about it because it was supposed to be the first washday of the school year!! Shallow reason aside (though I'm kind of glad there isn't class cause my Mondays and Wednesdays are hectic! Plus I actually don't have anything to wear yet! Summer class curbed my imagination!) and despite the fact that there isn't any wash day, that won't stop me from not posting a look. So this is the third set of the four joint outfit shot series I had with Heidi.



Here's another outfit from the four we shot at SM the other week. This set is probably my favorite because of the concept, the clothes and how the photos turned out. Honestly, I'm so glad that my friends are game! It made everything easier and much more fun!


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