Varsity Blues


I'm honestly not really a fan of varsity (or baseball OR letterman) jackets because of the bad rep they have for me. I've seen them on some (no other way to put this so lemme just get it out) jeje people whomI don't want to be associated with, snobby as that sounds. It's too bad though, cause when I was younger, I've always dreamed of dating a jock and subsequently, as his girlfriend, I'd wear the famed jacket (or jersey). Well obviously, that hasn't happened (yet), but what do I know? Perhaps someday I might (even though I feel too old for that jock-brainiac thing), says the girl who's watched one too many teenage high school flicks. HAHA

So anyway, what brought me to wear something I swore myself to avoid? Well first off, I was lazy and couldn't think of an outfit that would best encapsulate my mood for the day. Good thing I browse outfit pegs on days I'm relatively free so I was inspired by this look by one of my latest style crushes, Taylor Swift.

Second, well, my fashion resolution for 2013 is never say never so I'm taking a page from the Justin Bieber book and just going for it! Besides, when my sister saw my photos she commented "I've never seen you in a sporty outfit".

Recently, I've realized that jocks (musicians, singers, dancers, techies, leaders, geeks, nerds, etc) have that certain appeal which I couldn't exactly pinpoint (since they aren't exactly from the same clique), but I realized recently what it is: PASSION. If a person is passionate about something, it just makes them 100x more attractive. That being said, irregardless of who I may end up with in the future or what he does, he just has to be passionate about something. If you're talking to someone who's passionate about something, you'll never get bored. Plus, they'd actually be doing something with their lives. There's nothing more wasteful than human ability that isn't put to good use (aka tambay and pachuy chuy lang).

Just a random thought.

top: Pickled and Peppered || jacket: Felicia's || shoes: Cotton On (Feebee's) || photos: Lorraine
Anyway, hope you liked these photos from my extremely quick impromptu shoot with Lorraine!
Just a week left before my birthday!!!! xx :)

By the way, congratulations to my Persunmall giveaway winner
Aletha Jane Infante!!

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  1. hello! i have one too in blue as well, they're just so cool! :)

    Win a Free Pair of Shoes!

    1. Hey Carla, thanks for dropping by. Joined your giveaway :)



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