Farrah's Finds: BYS Brow Gel


It's been a long, long time since I wrote a Farrah's Finds post! But then again, it's been a long time since I found a beauty product that I liked almost instantly. Just like with my friends, I'm really picky with the products I use. If I find one I like, I stick with it for a long time. :) I was initially hesitant to buy the product because I didn't see any review for this particular product online, but I really did end up liking it so I'm doing one myself.



I know I should feel a little bit more something for you. Afterall, I cried for you. I had sleepless nights for you... and not just me. Marami kami. I wanted to get rid of you so bad so I could focus on myself. You were so toxic. You took me away from my family and friends. You took me away from me. There were lots of times I knew we could've ended, but I was stupid and kept holding on. I kept waiting, cause I knew you would change. I knew you could still be better, pero hanggang dun ka nalang pala, and so you left. I thought I would be happy now that you're gone from my life.

I felt relieved. I thought, "wow, I can finally get back to living my life".

I don't understand why after seeing you, I felt..a little sad. A little empty. I thought I'd be happy cause we could both move on. But wala. I felt nothing. It's gonna be so hard to get used to being without you. Matagal-tagal din naman yung pinagsamahan natin. But maybe I'm just sad for the (lost) time. Maybe I never really loved you.. but I sure did learn from you.

with some of my groupmates

 Finally, some real time #hugot blogging! Just had our Feasibility Study (or thesis/plant design) bound today! It's so weird seeing what you slaved on come to life. It's so weird that I won't be poring over my laptop for it anymore because it's done. I really thought I'd be happy but all I feel is..nothing. (Baka bangag pa cause I stayed up late to finish editing it)


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The 7-list: Things people should experience doing on their own


I realize Valentine's Day was yesterday but as I was going through my drafts, I found this blog post from a year ago that I didn't get to write. So anyway, if you've been as single as long as I have, sometimes you just get so used to having yourself as company, especially when your friends already make plans with their SOs or when you get lazy to plan something (especially when you get lazy to plan an outing haha. I mean, I just want to show up and not worry about logistics)

Some people may think it's sad but I see it as a good thing. After spending so much time with yourself, you get to know yourself more. And, you can also be selfish--selfish with what you want to do during your free time and how long. That being said, it surprises me sometimes when people I know confess that they have never done any of the things on this list because they're scared. It's fun kaya! I highly encourage you to try doing just one thing on this list. It's not as scary as it sounds, I promise! 

#Adulting Part 1: Job Fair


derpy faces from me and Gian (hate that I look like a mom attending her kid's graduation)
 If ever there was a time in my life where I felt like the "end" is really near, it would be now more than ever. Just the past week, 3 of my classes already ended. We covered all the lessons on the syllabus so we'll just be showing up to class for quizzes, exams and submissions. It's a weird feeling (and pretty hard to digest) to realize that there's no next semester waiting, and my structured years of learning end here. After all, graduation is but a ceremony to formalize said end of structured learning years.
Anyway, looking to the not so distant future, my classmates and I opted to participate in this year's job fair which was organized by the school. I've legally been an adult for some time now, and I've held a couple of jobs over the past few years so preparing for it and interviewing should have been a breeze, but it wasn't. I struggled a bit every time an interviewer asked me, "Tell me about yourself". Um, what is there to tell? That question has always been the hardest to answer (probably because it's not a question anyway) which is a bit weird for someone who claims to know herself as I do. From that question, I realized that I'm probably not so interesting.. or maybe I'm just so used to myself that I find myself boring. Anyhow, if you're ever joining a job fair, have an answer prepared just in case. Not everyone will ask you questions; a lot of them will just accept your resume (even if they aren't hiring or can't hire you cause you aren't licensed yet). It pains me a little inside to think my resume might be fodder or used as scratch, but not as much as it pained me realizing I looked like a mom in my job fair outfit. FML

Any of you have any job hunting tips you can share me?

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day! :)


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Bistro Ah-lyoh


The Thursday food group is back with a vengeance!

After exhausting the restaurants on our list of places to try, we found another place to try. Hidden in Juna Subdivision, Bistro Ah-lyoh is a charming restaurant that's perfect for an intimate get-together with friends or dates (date agad?!) wherein you just want to talk in a quiet place.


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