#Adulting Part 1: Job Fair


derpy faces from me and Gian (hate that I look like a mom attending her kid's graduation)
 If ever there was a time in my life where I felt like the "end" is really near, it would be now more than ever. Just the past week, 3 of my classes already ended. We covered all the lessons on the syllabus so we'll just be showing up to class for quizzes, exams and submissions. It's a weird feeling (and pretty hard to digest) to realize that there's no next semester waiting, and my structured years of learning end here. After all, graduation is but a ceremony to formalize said end of structured learning years.
Anyway, looking to the not so distant future, my classmates and I opted to participate in this year's job fair which was organized by the school. I've legally been an adult for some time now, and I've held a couple of jobs over the past few years so preparing for it and interviewing should have been a breeze, but it wasn't. I struggled a bit every time an interviewer asked me, "Tell me about yourself". Um, what is there to tell? That question has always been the hardest to answer (probably because it's not a question anyway) which is a bit weird for someone who claims to know herself as I do. From that question, I realized that I'm probably not so interesting.. or maybe I'm just so used to myself that I find myself boring. Anyhow, if you're ever joining a job fair, have an answer prepared just in case. Not everyone will ask you questions; a lot of them will just accept your resume (even if they aren't hiring or can't hire you cause you aren't licensed yet). It pains me a little inside to think my resume might be fodder or used as scratch, but not as much as it pained me realizing I looked like a mom in my job fair outfit. FML

Any of you have any job hunting tips you can share me?

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day! :)


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