McDo Girls Baby



photos from Cheyser and Gail's Instagram

Me not blogging for a week was spent very unproductively (just the way I like it)--I read 4 chick lit e-books and one actual book while trying to stay on top of school work. Plus, my sister took the camera with her on her 5-day trip to Iligan for a contest (she won, btw so yaaay!). I must admit, I really was getting guilty for not updating my blog. I don't want to get into the habit of not blogging, but I was really uninspired the past week. I don't want to churn out useless entries so I lay low for a bit, tried to get inspiration. I mean, I really appreciate everyone taking time to visit my site, so why waste your visit with half-hearted entries right? I feel that this is Step One to pouring myself wholly into this blog. :)

Last Sunday, McDonald's invited me and my fellow Bloggers from the South to Cheyser's blow-out for her readers! We had a dandy time. We played 2 parlor games (So funny cause everyone was dressed up!) and had giveaways like a children's party! And after, we had cheeseburger, spaghetti, fries and sundae! 

McDo really is the ultimate barkada place. I remember talking with my friends there during high school, staying up late there during brainstorming sessions (2nd year ChE 26/106 days), waiting for the sun to rise there with my friends (can anybody say after-party tambayan?) and bonding over McDonald's with my roommate Heidi (we were such pigs then. I think it was the perfect place for Cheyser's bonding time with her readers. It was also the perfect venue for us to catch up. If our wacky photos up there aren't enough evidence of how long we haven't seen each other, then I don't know what else to say! :)) Props to Steph who is always best in attendance--she came straight from duty. Last time she went out, she came from her review class.

The photos remind me of The It Girls "Call Me Maybe" screen shots. How I (and my fellow bloggers would agree too, I bet) wish we could be rich, gorgeous and perfect too! Still, despite that, I think that irregardless of our difference in finances, looks and states in life, both our groups and our friendships are based on the same things. :) 

Behind the Sparkle


blazer: Forever 21
skirt: H&M (gift from my friend)
shoes: SM Parisian
bag: OASAP

The difference between a great person and an average one is the extra work they put into what they do--big or small.

Have you guys read the latest Preview featuring Camille Co, Laureen Uy and Tricia Gosingtian? I just bought a copy and I thought it was amazing how Preview entrusted the cover to 3 of our country's top fashion bloggers.  I mean, it changes things for bloggers in general! Next thing I know, it might be Cheys, Lissa or Vern (or anyone) else up there.

Anyway, I read their story and realized that unlike what I thought (that they were entitled to their fame and it's easy for them to be famous and fashionable because they are rich, etc), a lot of work actually goes into the blog post (and the blog) before the entries are published. Tricia mentioned that it takes her 3 hours to edit photos and write blog entries! THREE HOURS! Me, I just post when I feel like posting and write what I feel like writing and I can do that in less than an hour. I honestly could not be bothered to resize photos like Cheys does because it's time-consuming (and mostly because I don't know how) and often, I'm just too excited to post away before all inspiration runs dry, but in reality, these things actually do matter. These can contribute to a good blog.

Not Myself


top: H&M
flats: Forever 21 (from Cheyser)
bag: vintage Gucci

Denim on denim.

As a girl who lives in her jeans, I thought I could do this trend. I thought I could pull it off. But if isn't apparent from my uncomfortable smiles up there (meh), I just can't rock this kind of casual. My kind of casual is classic-casual. I'm not saying denim isn't classic (I consider a well-fitting pair a must-have) but I really think my style tends to gravitate towards a more mature sensibility. Simply put, I just cannot rock this hipster/skater girl chenerloo kinda thing. This is more of my sister's style.

I went with the whole hipster (bohemian? neo-bohemian?) vibe with the something vintage (I am not so sure if hipsters really do have a tinge of vintage but well, my sister always has this throwback offbeat item in her outfit so gow, ako na din). I made sure it adheres to my sensibilities though and used this old Gucci bag of my grandmother's. 

I will probably attempt at this again in the future but pair it with jeggings. I am not much of a leg-baring person to begin with.

On another personal (and boring, rant-y) note, I have some plates to deal with but I feel too lazy to! :|
This drawing subject of mine is getting to be such a pain, especially now during the isometric drawing part. I hated it when I was in high school, I hated it in UP and up to now, I still hate it. I would rather solve math problems. My dislike for iso drawing + the fact that the sem's end is near = tamaditis.
Must. continue. doing. them. though :o

Literally, back to the drawing board for me!

Make Your Own Havaianas 2012


Tomorrow til Sunday(September 14-16) is the annual  Make Your Own Havaianas event at the Abreeza Activity Center!

Havaianas is the first to offer flip flop customization. You can pick from an assortment of straps. They have jelly, fluorescent and even glow in the dark! Among the new offerings are the straps mentioned as well as letter pins and Swarovski-encrusted pins. Or if you are adventurous, you can spin the wheel and leave it up to chance! :)

My fellow Bloggers from the South and I will be there Saturday!
Hope to see you! :)

Tribal Ombre


Got my nails done at Nail Bar yesterday! (Yes, they are open on Sunday from 1pm-6pm!)
This time, a tribal theme to go with the ombre'd nails. I don't think I could pull off bohemian looks so my abiding by the trend would be through my nails instead. Haha. I love it because it's both tribal AND glam; you can't go wrong with that! I love it, and a few of my classmates have complimented me on my nails as well! ;) 

I also get my brows done at Nail Bar. They say you just have to have clean brows and you can skip a full make-up routine. Just put on blush and lip gloss, and you're good to go! They offer threading, waxing and paraffin treatments aside from nail services :) 

Come visit Nail Bar at McPod Bldg, McArthur Highway, Davao City beside Ateneo High School.

Modern Filipina


top: People are People
bag: Tomato
shoes: SM Parisian
necklace: StyledUP

This is what I wore to lunch today with my sister. I had a gift check to Cafe France and wanted to treat my mom. However, the mother in her couldn't bear leaving the other children home so all of my siblings came and she insisted that I treat my sister instead as she took my rowdier siblings to eat somewhere else. We ate at Cafe France at The Peak, Gaisano Mall. I really loved the ambiance. With the huge windows and the chill music, it felt as if we were in a cruise ship. My sister and I even started calling each other "Emily" and "Victoria" after the characters on Revenge because of the Hamptons-esque feel.

I wore my white pants (I recently bought a pair because I think they easily give off this rich vibe) with this top my mother gave me as a belated birthday gift. When I got back from Manila, I found it in my closet. I was surprised cause my mom doesn't usually buy me clothes. I guess she really must've missed me those 4 days I was away ;)

This outfit reminds me of the outfits Angel Locsin wears in her Modess commercials, but I didn't want to name my outfit post "Modess" so I went for their latest ad campaign: the Modern Filipina. To you, what is a Modern Filipina? To me, it's someone who still upholds the virtues of the Filipina but is empowered. My friends Mithi, Heidi and I are really into women empowerment. But do you think there's such thing as "too empowered"? My mother once told me "you are too empowered" and I couldn't help but think about it. What does being too empowered mean? Does it mean that I don't need a man in my life? Because I totally do. Who would carry my shopping bags or change my light bulbs? (haha. I'm kidding) Does it mean something bad, or is it good but in a bad way? Does that mean I'm too outspoken?

Seriously though, sometimes I feel a tad misunderstood. I am independent and I love it, but not fiercely so that I am too good for anyone's help--I still do need help. Everyone does. Do tell me your thoughts about this "too empowered" statement. I would appreciate some help sorting out my thoughts. 


Beautiful Goodbye


Hello! I am alive after a toxic Friday.
Finally, I'm home, in bed, tackling e-mails and work stuff I missed out on when I was offline yesterday (Is it just me or what but I noticed when I absolutely need to stay away from the computer does circumstance give me a reason to). This is a video of me singing Maroon 5's "Beautiful Goodbye". It's such a cheery song despite the sad message. Anyway, I just heard it last Wednesday and I can't get it off my head (if you must know how I even found out about it, well I looked at rx931.com for the countdown just to be updated. Pathetic, I know)

Anyway, I hope you liked it. I have a scar near the mouth from my recent bout with chicken pox.


Boyfriend Jeans


top: H&M
cardigan: Candy at Robinson's Dept
bag: Tomato
shoes: Parisian

A week after my chicken pox debacle, I finally showed my face to school. I've been away for 4 MWF meetings! I can't believe I missed that much! Naturally, I have more to catch up on. I took my drawing exam awhile ago (*cross fingers that I get a good score on it*), and I did an extemporaneous speech awhile ago for History. I also have 4 plates to pass, and possibly, 2 exams per day tomorrow and Friday, and a PE exam on Saturday. Whew! Good thing I came from UP; I've gotten the best training on balancing a full plate! :)

My face still has some scars, and so does my body so I decided to cover up. I also felt a bit lazy (How can I not? 6 days spent at home!) My jeans were also *ahem* a bit loose on me. Obviously so that even my sister commented on it. I remembered Katie Holmes' infamous boyfriend jeans and that's where I got inspiration for my look. I spruced it up with a red cardigan to appear from looking too drab and plain (to get a similar cardigan as mine, shop this cardigan from Charlie at ZALORA! 5% off using my code: TheStyleReactor120) I liked the overall effect--lazy but put-together. :)

Watcha think? :)

What to do when you get the chicken pox?


It's only been 5 days since I was ordered by the school doctor to quarantine myself--but it feels as if a month had passed! Fortunately, my extended mini-vacation is almost over cause the pox are drying up (huzzah!!) and then the reality of catching up on everything I missed will soon overwhelm me. So what have I been doing?

1) surfing the net
2) avoiding mirrors
3) reading--blogs and books (I've been reading a book a day!)
4) catching up on series
5) reading up on chicken pox--obsessively
6) work stuff
(been drafting letters nonstop while Cheys and Aidx had their Canon talk :( )
7) sleeping
8) online window shopping -- www.zalora.com.ph!
9) looking through my high school yearbook
10) looked through my planner from a year ago
(my, how this illness brought out the nostalgia in me)
11) thinking--too much of it actually! :(
12) pill popping
(before you think something bad, I've been popping Vitamin C cause it supposedly helps speed up the healing)
13) pining
14) whining
15) crying
...to anyone who would listen.. which would be nobody. =(
16) keeping balance
(There have been 2 earthquakes since I got sick, no joke. Good thing the other was just a tremor I think, but still, pray for the Philippines)
17) texting
(though I haven't felt much like it)
18) I watched the Ateneo-La Salle game
19) praying/begging 
and finally
20) realizing that maybe, just maybe, God wants me to slow down for a minute and lean on Him.
I am always so independent, controlling, self-sufficient and maybe He just wanted me to let go and lean on Him. :( I feel so bad that I sometimes forget Him during my "powerful" moments and turn to Him only at my weakest.

On another note:
Some things I do "excessively" but haven't done much while I was sick:
1) eating--I can now live on one meal a day: lunch 
2) tweeting

Mix and Match


I've always wanted to do a n items, n outfits segment on my blog. Actually, I was supposed to create a wishlist first but then I noticed that I could actually pair all these items up and create multiple outfits from just 5 pieces. So, here are the items which I got from ZALORA:


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