Not Myself


top: H&M
flats: Forever 21 (from Cheyser)
bag: vintage Gucci

Denim on denim.

As a girl who lives in her jeans, I thought I could do this trend. I thought I could pull it off. But if isn't apparent from my uncomfortable smiles up there (meh), I just can't rock this kind of casual. My kind of casual is classic-casual. I'm not saying denim isn't classic (I consider a well-fitting pair a must-have) but I really think my style tends to gravitate towards a more mature sensibility. Simply put, I just cannot rock this hipster/skater girl chenerloo kinda thing. This is more of my sister's style.

I went with the whole hipster (bohemian? neo-bohemian?) vibe with the something vintage (I am not so sure if hipsters really do have a tinge of vintage but well, my sister always has this throwback offbeat item in her outfit so gow, ako na din). I made sure it adheres to my sensibilities though and used this old Gucci bag of my grandmother's. 

I will probably attempt at this again in the future but pair it with jeggings. I am not much of a leg-baring person to begin with.

On another personal (and boring, rant-y) note, I have some plates to deal with but I feel too lazy to! :|
This drawing subject of mine is getting to be such a pain, especially now during the isometric drawing part. I hated it when I was in high school, I hated it in UP and up to now, I still hate it. I would rather solve math problems. My dislike for iso drawing + the fact that the sem's end is near = tamaditis.
Must. continue. doing. them. though :o

Literally, back to the drawing board for me!


  1. Hi Farrah! I think the look suits you naman! BTW thanks for the comment on my blog. :) I replied!

    Melai of Style and Soul

    1. Hi Melai!

      I read your reply! Thank you for the equally long reply as well! Hihi :-)

  2. You look cute in this casual outfit! Perfect for malling. :)

    1. Hi Kookie! OHMYGOD I can't believe I have you and Melai commenting on my post!!! You were one of the first bloggers I've followed on Chictopia!!

      Thank you!! :-)

  3. You write well and I love your flats! :)



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