from Kwesh
photos stolen from Hannah

top: H&M
jacket: vintage Dior from Blanc et Noir
necklace: OASAP
shoes: Parisian

I am too excited to blog about the Forever 21 launch that happened last Thursday.
But while I don't have photos of the event yet, let me share what I wore then. Thank you Han for the photos! You're a lifesaver!

I honestly did not know what to wear to the event. I had ideas but last minute, I did not get to buy that article of clothing I wanted to complete my outfit. So, I just decided to wing it and make do of what I had here at home. That way, I could save more money to go shopping. Ironically though, I ended up not buying. :|

I stayed true to my style and went for something simple and classic but with twist. I've always wanted to try mixing textured pieces together, so when I saw the bag from SOUL, I thought it would be a perfect contrast to my predominantly neutral jacket. I loved how both looked as if they were of the same pattern, although my jacket was reptilian and the bag was on the tribal side. Plus, don't you love the exaggerated shoulders on my jacket? I thought it had a 70's and Michael Jackson kind of vibe. (PS. If you want a jacket like mine, this one from Zalora comes close. :))

So, what do you think? :)

My peg:

My gift for you:

My inspiration
guys who look this good in glasses should seriously be fined!!

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