Forever 21 in Davao!


Last Thursday, Forever 21 finally opened its doors to us Davaoenos!
I felt really happy and blessed to have been able to attend the fashion show. Thanks Cheys! Well, you already saw what I wore here, so let me share what happened through photos (which I did not take cause I was taking shots for Cheyser's iPhone haha)
First off, this outfit that caught my eye! I styled something similar for Anri here

Our ModAudrey model, Claire aka "Camille Co"

Jasmine Maierhofer!! She's super gorgeous in person and up close. Aidx and I nearly wet our pants in excitement upon seeing her. She's been on my list of fave Filipino models ever since she started modeling :)

Love this outfit on her. I've always wanted to pull off the band tee and blazer look. It seems so bad-ass.

Me, Cheys, Steph Kwesh and Hannah :)

When they opened the store!!

Again, Callum David *hearts*
photos from Hannah, Aidx and Gail

I had fun, even if I went home empty-handed (huhu). I am gonna wait for the hype to die down (though I doubt it would be any time soon!) before I inch my way back to Forever 21. The beauty about this is, I don't have to hoard because it's just a few minutes away. My friend even commented on my Facebook photo "There's F21 there already in Davao :( I still hope you'll visit us [here in Manila]", which made me laugh. Sad thing is though, I am sure my bank account will stay as dry as the Sahara desert once I decide to go whack (or if Ayessa OR MIA comes here) and hit the store!

I saw some of my aunts and cousins, and even my pre-school teacher but sadly, I wasn't able to get a photo with them. :(
Until the next Forever 21 event! :)


  1. I visited the store after the IMAX event, wala nang masyadong tao. hehehehe. too bad I wasn't able to catch the Fashion Show but still thankful for the *perks* that Forever 21 gave me. Baka magkita tau dun someday! hehehe. nagkita daw kau ni Sarahsa event eh.

    1. Hi Maam! haha Kaya pala di kita nakita sa F21. NagIMAX ka man pala! How was it? And yup, nagkita kami ni maam Sarah :))



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