Wishlist Wednesday: Designer Bags Edition


Hello again!

I realized that I haven't made a Wishlist Wednesday post in so long (and I long promised I would make one of my MUST-HAVE bags). I also realize it isn't Wednesday anymore, so forgive this late post. On to the list then?

First on my list is a Chanel 2.55. It's been on my list since forever. It was named 2.55 because it was created on February 1955. It's a CLASSIC, 'nuff said.

Next is a Lady Dior bag. I saw a woman toting a hot pink one in Hong Kong like it was just a normal bag, but I was transfixed! I think I nearly bumped into her. :)

Proenza Schouler PS 1 in Orchid. I first spotted this on my favorite Caroline Engman's blog. I used to want the Mulberry Alexa (which Emma Watson uses by the way) but this came on the top of my list as soon as I saw all the other yummy colors it came in!

Studded YSL as seen on Laureen Uy's blog. Isn't it beautiful? :) Aside from YSL Tributes, every girl's just gotta have a YSL bag. The suede studded Roady is also love.

Last is a Balenciaga bag. Vern and Mia have these, and they're quite heavy! I still want one though! Haha. 

Notice how I'm missing everyone's quintessential Birkin and Louis Vuitton? Well I guess I'm not like most girls :)

What do you think? Why don't you share some of your favorite bags? :)

Photos from my Pinterest (follow me!)

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