Pink Friday


blazer: GMall Dept Store (360php!)


I just submitted my final requirement today, which was a plate for Drawing class. I took my last 2 exams yesterday--Statistics and Safety Management, so the submission of the said plate was my get-out-of-jail-free card! Huzzah!!! SEM BREAK!!

This is what I wore today to school. It's Friday, and we're supposed to be in uniform but mine was in the laundry. Besides, I was only going to pass a plate; just imagine what a hassle it would've been had I shown up in uniform! I was mentally preparing excuses for what to tell the guard when I showed up, but thank my lucky stars the guard did not recognize that I was a student (perks of looking old and dressing old). I just whisked in after giving my UP ID. Hehehehe. >:) I honestly felt like such a rebel. LOL

 I was supposed to attend the Ipanema fashion show today, but obviously I missed it because I am typing this entry. This is similar to the outfit (the real me) I posted here but I "poshed" it up with the help of the blazer because I thought I'd be able to go to the show. The fashion show was jungle-themed, so I added a reptile-print necklace (though you can't see it here clearly. Sorry for the crappy photos. The sun was setting and I really need to buy a better camera). Sorry if I'm too talkative today. I feel like I haven't random-talked to anyone in a LOOONG time (effect of reading more than socially interacting lately).

By the way, I bought this blazer last Tuesday while I was looking through clothes at the department store. The price, color and fit were right, so I got it. =) I really try not to buy clothes over Php1500, so when something I like and something that fits fall in the 200-400php region, I have no qualms about buying it then and there. I really love the hot pink color. I've been looking for a blazer like Kweshie's pink one in forever. She found hers in GMall, and luckily, I found mine there too. =) If you want one, you can get this pink blazer from Veromoda at Zalora.

You get 5% off with my code: TheStyleReactor120

I know this post's getting too long already. Let's enjoy the weekend (or SEMBUHREEEAK, for those who this statement's applicable to) before we see our grades!! Haha. Kidding! I am off to catch the pilot episode of my fave The Vampire Diaries <3 p="p">

 Pink's the color of the month, by the way (for breast cancer awareness). :)

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