Who Says?


Who says plus sized girls can't wear colored jeans?

I remember when the trend surfaced circa 2008 and I wanted to join the bandwagon but as a firm believer in the (unwritten) Big Book of Fashion Do's and Dont's, which said that colored jeans make your thunder thighs look fatter than they are (and that colored jeans are best suited for tall people as they elongate the legs), I decided to forego the trend.

Fast forward to Fall 2012 and Saturday, when I saw these rust-colored pants at Forever 21. I must have it, I told myself! I found myself being drawn to the rich and opulent, yet understated color which represented the fall. I first saw this color on my FYDP classmate--he wore a sweater and khaki pants--and I just loved the whole look. Oxygen and Penshoppe are 2 of the brands who have collections in this color, if you wanna stock up on your trendy fall wear.

I paired it with the jacket I also bought at Forever21, just to balance the whole thing out. Like I said, I'm not used to wearing colored bottoms. I'll try to experiment with a colored top next time though. Maybe green, so I'll look like a tree? Haha. Kidding.

jacket and pants: Forever 21

My dad told me (in jest) that I looked like a tree trunk with my thighs, but I didn't really care. Actually, I don't really care if they do. These pants make me feel good, and they make me feel as if I have long legs. Besides, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

On a related note: It's Anti-Bullying Month this October. It's an issue that hits quite close to home. My cousin's been in the limelight for some time about the case against his school. Watching him on TV made me so proud because despite the pressure he's facing and the attention he's getting, he handling it with calm and finesse. I wouldn't know how to react had I been placed in his position.

 Although I'm sure bullying figures are significantly less than in other countries, say Japan or Korea, it's good that the issue is now being voiced out and placed in the open--what more with a new form of bullying, cyberbullying (which is worse because the perpetrators are hidden behind anonymity). I'm sure you've experienced it yourself or know someone who did. So, as part of this Anti-Bullying Month campaign, let's not turn a blind eye to these bullying incidents we see in school, and we ourselves shouldn't bully, may it be verbal OR physical. I mean, what is Anti-Bullying Month for if we don't promote awareness about it, right?


PS. Anyone know someone who needs a tutor in Math (Algebra, Trigo, Calculus), Science (Chem and Physics) or English for grade school, high school or 1st/2nd yr college here in Davao? I'm                  willing to teach this sem break (I know exam season is coming up for high schoolers). E-mail me or tweet me (its on my sidebar) :-)



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