OASAP Rewards


OASAP.com has a new rewards program!

When I got my item last week, I also received this special card which gives me a whopping 21% discount for the first purchase! Then, for every succeeding purchase I make, I get an additional 1% off. So, on my 2nd purchase, I get 22% off, and so on. However, if I use it more than 5 times before October 31st, I get as much as a 35% discount!!!

Well, I'm not much of an online shopper so if you guys want to avail of the OASAP discount, you can  leave a comment here and we can shop using my card and my account (it's binded to my account). Just a simple thing to share to my dear readers! :)


  1. I like! But... OASAP items are a bit expensive for me. :(

    1. Me too, I like OASAP but I find them expensive also :(



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