Au Revoir 2013


To compare my 2013 to my 2012 blogging-wise, it was a pretty slow and quiet year. 2013 in general was a quiet year actually. By the way, sorry I just got back. I wasn't supposed to blog since it seemed like such short notice and I wasn't (and still am not) prepared at all on what to write, but I felt like I had to. I just couldn't leave things hanging then *poof* appear in 2014 like nothing happened. I missed a lot, blogosphere-wise but enjoyed a lot as well, real-life wise.

Like A Boy (Plus a Giveaway!)


So funny how right now as I'm blogging this, I am wearing the exact same pair of sneakers.

This is the last of the outfits Mithi and I shot at Torres, probably more than a month ago. I remember having come from the gym then. Amazing how a lot has happened in the last month, one major thing which was unforgettable was my getting sprained (sorry. I can't help but bring up the sprain cause these were the shoes I relied on most when I was injured). I'd gone from school girl/gym freak to my most hated state (sprained/injured/) to actual human being (haha to anyone who can get the Mean Girls reference).

Checking In


I'm really sorry it took me 8 days into the LAST month of the year for you to hear from me again. I know, I know. I keep making excuses but I've seriously been LEGIT busy lately, and not even a month has passed since the semester started. To give you an idea how my schedule this semester goes, let's just say that my TTh classes run from 7:40am-9pm, no break. I have a minimum of 2 lab classes per day (on Tuesdays, it's 3--computing lab, actual lab work and computer lab (AutoCAD); on Thursdays I have PE) which each run for 3 hrs. My MWF schedule is lighter but it's those days I do errands, study AND tutor, so I still end up going home late. I missed our house a lot, so I spent the whole of yesterday home alone, resting and studying. I really wanted to watch Frozen, but certain sacrifices must be made if I do want to pass the semester with flying colors. 


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