Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion


It's been a while since I posted something about food even though my friends and I have constantly been trying new places. I'm posting about this place, Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion, cause it's worth a second, third, fourth and multiple visits! I kept hearing about this place from my friends who keep posting about it on social media so I got curious. Finally last week, with one of my food buddies March, we got to check the place out. We loved it so much that we invited the rest of our food trip group to check the place out again. :)



I've read somewhere that fat people can be either of two things when growing up: a bully or the bullied (aka the loser). Although I was never bullied to my face, I still felt like a loser. I was really really really insecure about my weight. My peers never made me feel like I was lacking or different from them, but I felt different. I seldom ever showed people that I was insecure--to the extent that some people comment on my "confidence" level--but I was. I was insecure. 

The 7-list: Things you can save money on

It's officially 100 days before Christmas!

I think 100 days is enough time to save up on money for presents before all your money goes to other stuff you have to pay for. I've had times wherein I had little to no money at all when I need it and I don't want that to ever happen to me again so I like having a fallback. While I'm still a student, I don't have a huge source of income yet so if I want extra money, I can either work for it or save. I used to work, but it's tough to now that I have a full load in school, so I save. I realized that living in the Philippines can be pretty cheap when you live a frugal lifestyle. Here are a few things I've learned to scrimp on so I can have a little extra for saving or for going out.

Dressy Separates for Homecoming


Wearing skin-baring outfits used to be looked down upon at formal events. The image it projected would usually not appeal to the conservative feel that these formal events held. Nowadays though, showing skin has been a trend among fashionistas, especially those who'd like to show off their amazing physiques. Showing skin in formal events has ranged from showing the arms, back, decolletage or legs. Now, it includes showing the midsection.

Stylish Saturdays: Jamie Chung


One of the people I now look to for inspiration when dressing up is Jamie Chung. I stumbled upon her looks on Pinterest and initially thought she was my favorite girl on "The Bling Ring"--you know the Asian girl who was the leader of their gang? I later found out the girl I was referring to was a newbie actress called Katie Zhang and that she's about 10 years younger than Jamie Chung, who is--would you believe it--32 years old already!

#ThrowbackThursday: August 2015


With so many holidays and so many activities, August feels like it lasted only 3 days. Here's how my August transpired:

-My August started with the second week of SEA Liga. The competition was tougher this year but our course managed to place third! :)

The second week of August had the 67th Ateneo Fiesta. Three days of no class and all events. On the first day, us 5th years joined the parade (our last) then had a Fiesta of our own at Lachi's. Right after, we went around town, looking for outfits for our grad photos. Finally, we ended our bonding day at Serenitea. I dropped by on the second day of Fiesta to watch the activities and support. I didn't get to watch the Star Search (second day major event), but we (Engineering and Architecture) won first place for that. Finally, the third day of Fiesta had us at Sayawtenista. It was my first and last time to attend the event. Prior to that, I was hesitant since we'd finish late (#lolavibes) and I thought I had a "curse" (I didn't attend Star Search and Debate we won champion; I watched the Group Dance showdown and we placed 3rd. I also attended the parlor games and we didn't place), but still sayang naman since it'd be my last. Although our EA talents gave their all, there was a better group. The Business and Management Division caught everyone's attention with their death-defying, heart-stopping dance piece. It was clear from the beginning that they would be the winner. But no matter, Engineering and Architecture placed first runner-up overall. :)

After the awarding ceremony, some SEC members and I ate out to celebrate. Super knockdown kaming lahat at wala nang mga boses sa kakasigaw for the 3 day events.

Right after Fiesta week came Kadayawan week! Monday started with our class getting our graduation photos taken (7.5 years of effort came to this). Then on Wednesday that week, my sister and dad came home for the long weekend. I didn't really get to celebrate Kadayawan (I only watched Up Dharma Down's show at SM because I was already there anyway and Mithi said she would be there too so it would be a chance to see each other again after a long time) so the highlight of my Kadayawan was the Besties book signing at SM Lanang Premier. Mithi and I couldn't miss it for the world since we've been fans of Georgina and Solenn's friendship ever since our freshman year in college. We've seen Georgina in UP before, when she hosted an event for Channel [V], but we've never seen Solenn up close! So this event was such a treat for our freshman fan girl selves!! Thank you to Wilson Limon who made us his plus two! :)

Finally, I ended my August with Emman and Mark, who came all the way from GenSan. Had so much fun swapping stories and bonding with them. :)

Sorry it took me 10 days into September to update! Now stressful September's in, there's only a month left in the semester and all the work's piling in! I do have about 5 blog entries planned. Hope I get to write them before they go stale! :P

How was your August, and how's September treating you so far?


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