I've read somewhere that fat people can be either of two things when growing up: a bully or the bullied (aka the loser). Although I was never bullied to my face, I still felt like a loser. I was really really really insecure about my weight. My peers never made me feel like I was lacking or different from them, but I felt different. I seldom ever showed people that I was insecure--to the extent that some people comment on my "confidence" level--but I was. I was insecure. 
There is something unspoken about being fat: it's not a debilitating disease but sometimes people treat you as if you have one. I honestly saw nothing wrong with myself but because of how the world views fat people, I was never able to 100% feel like I was sexy, and therefore, confident. I hid behind a quiet and shy persona and stopped myself from doing things I wanted to do because I was afraid of what people would think of me.

high school/college barkada who got me out of my shell!

The time I was able to feel truly free was when I entered college. I was away from the city I grew up in (and everyone I knew) so I was able to do what I wanted. Through that experience, I got to know and rediscover myself. I learned that sexiness was all in the mind; sexiness was what you thought of yourself and that was what you projected to the world. Of course, I wouldn't have been able to do all those things without the support and encouragement of my friends. I gained enough confidence to start wearing things "fat people" weren't supposed to be wearing. Then it progressed to me starting my blog, then me posting stuff on my blog, and now here we are! 

my bloggies. When I started out blogging, I was so insecure cause they're all so skinny and pretty but despite that, they still encouraged me and lifted me up. With us, there's no competition, just love. :)

Although my mindset improved, I still didn't feel 100% good about myself. Even though I felt like I didn't lack anything, I still felt incomplete. I still haven't resolved the issues with my body. I loved myself but I still wanted needed to lose a few more pounds. Finally, about a couple of years ago, I started going to the gym. If there's something you need to know about me, it's that I've been on a diet my WHOLE life. But I never really lost much weight. Until I started going to the gym, I didn't know the missing piece to my "diet life" was exercise. I started out not liking it (Well to be honest, I never liked exercising cause I didn't like getting huffy and sweaty, and because I've had traumatic PE experiences--being the worst at everything, slowest and last to get picked and all), but once I got good at it, I started loving it!

how I feel before every run

Exercise became my happy pill, my stress reliever. It became something to look forward to instead of something to just get out of the way, especially once I started getting into boxing. Since I started boxing two times a week, I started feeling sexier! I dropped a few pounds and felt better about myself since I saw how big my clothes were getting for me! Plus,with boxing, I could get away with eating what I wanted (in moderation) :)

My rigorous exercise regimen meant a dirty and sweaty me after each session. Although I feel clean on the inside (weird, I know but the rationale behind is that I sweat all my toxins out so I feel lighter), we all know that isn't the case on the outside because of the sticky feeling after a long sweat session. So what's a girl got to do to feel fresh??

The people that just come across me here on the blog and don't know me in real life may think I'm high maintenance just because I run a fashion blog but truth is, I'm not. I'm always on the go so I like keeping things easy and simple. My regimen when getting ready takes about 20 minutes--enough for the standard shower and putting on lotion after my bath. 

I never really got into using other products like bath creams, salts, etc. And before, I could care less about feminine washes. (All it took for the chemical engineer in me was to read the labels and figure out that the feminine washes contained similar ingredients to shampoos, so why spend extra?) That changed when I saw the Betadine Feminine Wash in the market.

Betadine is a name associated with povidone-iodine, or the anti-septic we use to treat our wounds. It's the same thing they have in their feminine wash. Initially, when I saw in the grocery that Betadine had a feminine wash, I did a double take. Intrigued, I bought one for myself. Indeed, there is a difference! After one use, I felt cleaner and fresher than I have before! The clean part can be attributed to the fact that Betadine Feminine Wash is an anti-septic wash. It contains 7.5% povidone-iodine. It was initially formulated with moms who had just given birth in mind but after its reputation for being able to get rid of germs that cause discomfort, other women had to have their hands on it! The best part is that you don't have to use it everyday, unlike other washes. You can only use it twice a week to keep you feeling fresh, clean and sexy!

Cleanliness is directly related to sexiness because you wouldn't be able to feel your best if you have that sticky feeling! So now, after every grimy sweat session, I can get my clean feeling both inside and out AND feel sexy to boot after using Betadine Feminine Wash! Betadine was right when they declared that Clean is the New Sexy! What are you waiting for? Get yourself a Betadine Feminine Wash and Join the Sexy Revolution now! :)


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