Grunge Glam


This is what I wore to the day of my actual birthday last Friday. In my last post, I've written in detail how I've spent the day (you can refer to that if you wanna know haha), This is what I wore to lunch with my family and to the Bauhaus event afterwards. To me, Bauhaus gives off a sort of rock/grunge vibe and that's what I had in mind while picking out the outfit.



I celebrated my 22nd birthday yesterday without much fanfare. I don't know if it comes with age *shudder* but ever since I turned 20, I haven't really properly celebrated my birthdays. (And by celebrate, I mean drink and party, which I don't think I've ever done, mostly because it isn't my thing. But don't get me wrong, I do want to try celebrating that way at some point in my life) In fact, yesterday didn't feel like my birthday at all!

My Worst Enemy


Nietzsche said  "the worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself" and I have to agree. How many times have we doubted ourselves and our capabilities? How many times have we compared what we've achieved and what others have achieved? How many times have we been insecure about how we look? How many times have we ever felt that WE. JUST. AREN'T. GOOD. ENOUGH?

Varsity Blues


I'm honestly not really a fan of varsity (or baseball OR letterman) jackets because of the bad rep they have for me. I've seen them on some (no other way to put this so lemme just get it out) jeje people whomI don't want to be associated with, snobby as that sounds. It's too bad though, cause when I was younger, I've always dreamed of dating a jock and subsequently, as his girlfriend, I'd wear the famed jacket (or jersey). Well obviously, that hasn't happened (yet), but what do I know? Perhaps someday I might (even though I feel too old for that jock-brainiac thing), says the girl who's watched one too many teenage high school flicks. HAHA

Busy Week


My Thursdays afternoons are usually reserved for blogging. My class ends at 12:30 on Thursdays and since it's Friday the next day, there's not much left to do, academics-wise. Since it's usually a 4-day gap between the latest post from the last one, all my stories accumulate. Not that I have a lot to tell about my life anyway; a bulk of my blog entries come from my musings, observations (of random people HAHA) and brain farts.



This month (my BIRTHDAY MONTH *yaaaay*) is probably one of the busiest yet best months of my 2013. I'd just gotten back from my 3-day retreat yesterday and I woke up to a busy day. Awhile ago, I had a shoot for FBTV. And actually, I just got back from my cousin's surprise debut party. I had to leave earlier cause tomorrow, I'll have my talk at NCCC and then on Monday, exam week starts. How about that for a busy birthday month? I'm extremely thankful though, especially since YOU guys helped me reach 100,000 page views!!  I don't know exactly when or how that happened (or who was the 100,000th hit) but thank you. I never imagined maintaining a blog that's reached 100,000 views! So even though it's late, I just had to blog. :) #blessed



This is the third and final installment for my polo series and since the last outfit was about Serena, this outfit's obviously inspired by Blair. With a change of the bottom and a change of the shoes, plus the headband, I was able to create another entirely different look (and feel) than the last outfit. This is one of the things I love about fashion: endless possibilities.

The Sisterhood


One of the movies that is showing here in the Philippines now is entitled "Four Sisters and a Wedding". It's about 4 sisters and their youngest (and only) brother who is getting married. I feel like somehow, the story was based on OUR family because I have 3 sisters and 1 youngest brother as well! Intrigued, my mom, sisters, cousins and I watched the movie.

Stylish Saturdays: Taylor Swift


To be honest, before Taylor Swift released her album "Red", I wasn't much of a fan of her Style (uhhh TSwift fans, do you get it? Haha ohkaaaay), but after [probably] dating Conor Kennedy whose great-aunt Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is said to be Taylor's style icon, Taylor upped her ante in the fashion department. I especially loved all her outfits in her "22" music video. For me, her style's a mixture of classic, grown up pieces but sometimes she goes for younger hipster-y pieces too. Plus, she's so pretty, tall and slender that she can pull anything off.



I've come to realize that people are much better equipped at dealing with pain rather than happiness. Perhaps it's because we subconsciously know and accept that life isn't perfect. So, we make do and adapt to those days the best way we can. Sometimes though, there are perfect days and there are perfect moments. When we embrace them, it's bliss. Most of the time though, we get scared that these things are too good to be true and ruin them ourselves. I've always thought, life isn't as complicated as it seems. It's only people that make life complicated.

Ecologically Friendly Fashion


Where do all the clothes that nobody wants go? 

It's something I've wondered about (especially since I have an Environmental Engineering subject this semester) so I decided to Google it. I was quite shocked to find out what happens. Some are recycled and re-styled. Some are donated. Some are sent to developing countries like ours to try to be sold here. You'd be shocked to know that A LOT are thrown away. Some companies even go as far as shredding the clothes so people cannot benefit from them. It's a tad depressing for the engineer/ecologist in me to imagine all those clothes gone to waste, especially when there are a lot of people who have nothing to wear. You can read the article here.


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