I celebrated my 22nd birthday yesterday without much fanfare. I don't know if it comes with age *shudder* but ever since I turned 20, I haven't really properly celebrated my birthdays. (And by celebrate, I mean drink and party, which I don't think I've ever done, mostly because it isn't my thing. But don't get me wrong, I do want to try celebrating that way at some point in my life) In fact, yesterday didn't feel like my birthday at all!
This is how I spent the day: I had lunch with my family, went to church and then went to the Bauhaus event at Abreeza. At Abreeza, I took outfit shots with Dawn and Pat and we bonded a bit then I went to SM to go grocery shopping with my mother. Finally at around 10pm, we had dinner at Italianni's. I actually didn't realize how hungry I was until I ate. I only had soup though cause it was already so late. Plus, it was raining and I was craving for something hot and creamy. And then when we got home, I fell into bed. Haha

Can anyone say #lolavibes?

Ironically though, I find that 22 is the last of the"cool" ages. I told my friend "22's the last of those teenage extension years" because by 23, it's like the beginning of a new phase of your life. Most people start their first job at 23. Plus the number (3 years into your 20's) means that there's no turning back. Well, at least that's the way I see it. 

Actually, a few months ago I greeted my cousin cause she also turned 22 and she told me, "I hate this age" and I could relate cause 21 sounds so sexy. But then, Taylor Swift released her single "22" so 22 became cool again for me. Haha. In the song, Taylor Swift sings of 22 as the age she returns to for those carefree days. Like at 22, we're both old and young enough for don't-ask-for-parents'-permission-fun. It's like at 22, we're dependently independent. Haha I can't articulate myself well but I hope you get it?

So anyway, I think I've always been mature for my age so it seems a bit strange for me to want to feel young on my last "cool" year. And even though I'm quite young, every year I just feel older and like there's no turning back. Here are some signs confirming that I indeed am growing up (I got a few ideas off this Thought Catalog article but added a few of my own) but please don't mistake me for some ultra-serious girl; I do know how to let loose and have my fun sometimes haha :( :

1) One of your favorite pastimes is doing absolutely nothing while wearing some form of soft pants. It’s incredible how quickly some of us can return home from work or running errands, and within 20 seconds, successfully switch into sweatpant-comfortableness.

2) You don’t even flinch or have the least bit of interest when walking past the toy section in stores.

3) Eating garbage, not working out and being able to see your feet are no longer a viable option. Your metabolism slows down and your poor dieting habits catch up a whole lot faster than they did in previous years.
--my mom told me to change my eating habits as "I am not getting any younger". Makes sense though. Goodbye chocolate and all the unhealthy stuff (I stopped drinking coke and started minimizing  my intake of fast food though)

4) Missing social events and being up to date on the current storylines in your friends and acquaintances life is important – but so is sleep, and you’ve began choosing naps and extended snoozes over attending brunches or nights out on the town.
--although I've always been that way

5. Seeing kids living their careless, awesome, responsibility-less life makes you jealous. --my sister and brother for example (although it gets satisfying when I'm allowed to do stuff they aren't like travel alone. BWAHAHA)

6) You’ve actually used the phrase, “Kids these days…” and it felt very natural and genuine rolling off your tongue. --unfortunately

7) You’re actually taking advantage of the things that you’d never have thought you’d consider using. Paperless billing, online banking — *gasps* — AUTO-PAY.
--yeah I actually do errands like go to the bank and pay and I find that I enjoy them.

8) You stop being so superficial about dating
--I used to care about looks only but now I find that being with someone who has drive and makes me laugh as more important qualities

9) Your Facebook statuses are employer-friendly (or family-friendly)
--well that's because they check all your social networks

10) You're more tightfisted than you normally are.
--you and your friends either don't have work or still live on a student allowance so when you eat out, it's always at "the cheapest place" or there's always a budget. HAHA. You've become more responsible about money and it isn't like high school where you treat your friends to whatever they want. 

11) Christmas (or birthdays) is just kind of like, whatever.

12) You thought you'd never outgrow cartoons but yes, you now find them boring. 

13) You get along with your parents and get into discussions with them about current events..AND they respect your opinion and treat you as an equal.

14) Your parents or godparents don't give you money for your birthday anymore. Good thing your grandma still does. :(


15)You have no idea what you’re doing. But you’re hoping it’s all gonna work out.

sweater: Forever 21 || skirt: Cotton On || shoes: Payless || cat ears: Rien

Hope you enjoyed this post! Leaving you with my outfit inspiration and Taylor Swift's video:


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