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My Thursdays afternoons are usually reserved for blogging. My class ends at 12:30 on Thursdays and since it's Friday the next day, there's not much left to do, academics-wise. Since it's usually a 4-day gap between the latest post from the last one, all my stories accumulate. Not that I have a lot to tell about my life anyway; a bulk of my blog entries come from my musings, observations (of random people HAHA) and brain farts.

Like I've said, I've had a busy week. Since we left the retreat house, it's been non-stop for me! Actually, it's only now that I feel a bit of myself. I've found that when I'm stressed out or have a lot of things to do, I immediately go into auto-pilot (aka Robo-Farrah). And during those days, if I don't FORCE myself to write down what happened during the day, I would completely forget! So anyway, a so-called recap of my week (through lame paltry photos I managed to scrounge up cause I don't have an iPod or iPad haha)

Friday was when we got back from our retreat. Migs kept bugging me about featuring them (my Chem, ChE and Math friends here) on my blog, so there you go. (photo from Emman)

Saturday morning was devoted to school work then in the afternoon, we had a FBTV shoot in Ichigo then my cousin's surprise debut in the evening.

Sunday was my talk at NCCC's Fashion and Beauty expo. That was my first MAJOR talk and it was so nerve-wracking! Sadly this is the only photo my sister took of me. :| The first photo is from my Instagram (follow me!) from last Sunday as well.

with Ms Precious of Dorothy Perkins (she's younger than me and Dawn! HUHU)
Monday I had class then the Dorothy Perkins gathering then right after I had tutoring! Whattaday that was.

Tuesday and Wednesday were relatively freer for me, save for the part where I had to study for exams. You don't really need to know what happened as I'll probably just bore you to death. Haha

Anyway, tomorrow Laureen Uy and David Guison will be at SM Lanang Premier for the #LOOKBOOK LIVE event at the Atrium. Be there to greet 2 of Manila's top fashion bloggers personally and ask them for style advice! We'll see you there!

And don't forget, SM Lanang's 3 day sale is happening tomorrow til Sunday! Save up to 70% off on great items! Follow SM Lanang Premier (@smlanangpremier) on Twitter for more info.


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  1. Lovely shots! GIVEAWAY on my blog from FIRMOO
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