Down Time


bag: OASAP
top: H&M
shoes: overused Tomato flats

Today was my weekend. Today was my well-deserved birthday break. From my birthday to the weekend, all I did was stay home and I did not get my chance to truly CELEBRATE. I’m just a simple girl—a movie and food will make me happy, and all I wanted for the longest time was to watch The Dark Knight Rises. My last movie was Magic Mike and aside from the fact that it had Channing, Alex and Matt (hello, first name basis?), it was disappointing. Never mind that I have 2 plates and homework due tomorrow; I just HAD to watch or else I knew I wouldn't be able to (like Spiderman).

First, I met up with Mel in Starbucks. She gave her little birthday gift for me and we got to chat. It was super cool cause even though it was our first time to meet, it felt like we’ve known each other for a long time. I ate in BonChon for the first time with my mom today. Then I went to Abreeza to watch The Dark Knight Rises with my sister. It was AWESOME!!! Huhu I want to cry and watch it again. Also, like in The Devil Wears Prada, I loved all of Anne Hathaway’s outfits! I wanna thank everyone who didn’t spoil the movie so I could appreciate the full awesome-ness of it all. =))

Andddd, because I’m on a high, I had to blog first before getting started on my homework. This is what I wore today. Nothing special, but if it means anything, my mom tells me she I look thin in this top. =)) Can I also add something? It's funny. I thought I'd have more down time now that I am in Davao but I now hardly find time to go out. Between Saturday class and work--school, blog and SOUL, there hardly ever is time. I'm not complaining though; I love what I do.

Good night!
I am off to tackle homework! I can’t believe there’s school already tomorrow (and I can’t get over the fact that it’s gonna be August tomorrow!!)!

Animal Instinct


bag: OASAP
shoes: Tomato

Sorry for the low quality photos. My sister and I had to resort to taking photos of our outfits at night since we were stuck home the whole day. IF and IF I become a *big* blogger one day, I will probably cringe at these photos but for now, this will do. =)) This is what I wore to mass and dinner with my family. I wore this top to the airport for my Manila trip but didn't have anyone to take my photo for me at the airport so today marks this top's blog debut. :))

As usual I am wearing my walang kupas (aka favorite) pair of shoes from Tomato. I am also wearing no accessories, but my bag from OASAP saved the day. I super love it! Quoting Camille Co, lakas makayaman, even though it's not branded (Speaking of which, I owe you guys my bag lust list. Coming soon since believe it or not, I have blog backlog already!). It's too big for the mall though it is a perfect school bag--it can fit a netbook and my drafting supplies =)

So, what have you been up to today? 
No class for me tomorrow so I can finally, finally, FINUH-LLY watch The Dark Knight Rises.

Neon Animal

nails done by Nail Bar

I don't know what's up with my latest obsession with animal prints when tribal prints are supposedly all the rage now. It started with those 2 animal print skirts and my leopard top. Now, the obsession carried over to my nails. This is TOO WILD for school and somehow I feel like the vibe this gives off is of those cougar-y women with the bouffant hair do and botox-ed face, but I don't care. I am too lazy to primp for school so let my hands do the talking. =)

I got these done today. We had shortened period and I was supposed to have my hair cut but the salon was closed so I went straight to Nail Bar. It's been a good month and a half since my last visit. They have new promos like they offer this card wherein if you have a mani and pedi done 5 times, you get a free application of their Dazzle Dry polish.

Dazzle Dry polish is their newest addition to the polishes Nail Bar is offering. Like I said in my previous post about Nail Bar, they have China Glaze, Essi and Orly. My sister tried Dazzle Dry last time. It dries completely in 5 minutes and the best thing is that since it's a vegan product, it doesn't cause your nails to yellow. It also lasts up to 4 weeks if you take really good care of it.

If you want to buy your own Dazzle Dry polish, inquire at Nail Bar. Nail Bar is the exclusive distributor of Dazzle Dry in Davao.

Shop at Zalora


I am so proud to announce that I am now a Zalora Ambassador!

As an ambassador, my first order of business would be to introduce you to Zalora! Zalora is an online shopping website that offers everything for everyone--from clothing and shoes (for men, women and children) to beauty products to sports equipment to home & living. Zalora prides itself on its service. They offer free shipping, free returns within 30 days, comprehensive personal service (Mimi and Jun went to visit the Zalora HQ in Manila and confirmed this, plus I've read numerous tweets lauding Zalora on their good customer service personnel. Call them free (02) 858 0777), and numerous payment options (including Paypal, bank deposits, credit card, GCash and CASH ON DELIVERY). Not to mention they have numerous local and international brands with price points for everyone, under their belt!

So anyway, allow me to share two of my fave brands from Zalora: 

They have everything for everyone at affordable price ranges! I especially love their basics! Their basic tees go as low as 119.75php! :)


They also have affordable yet fashionable and trendy clothing. This one is at 399php, can you believe? I love the cut and neon color :) The dress is at 999php, such a steal! :)

They also have other brands such as Tomato, SUY bags and SHIQ bags and other brands which you cannot find elsewhere. So, go and check out Zalora!

Aaaaand, because I love you all so much, you can get a 5% discount on every order using my special discount code:

Go and shop crazy! Zalora makes it addictive! I will blog about my Zalora shopping experience as soon as I get to pick what to buy! (It's so hard, I've been looking for days!!)

Forever 21


blazer and tribal tank: Forever21
shorts: SM dept

Happy birthday to me!

This is what I wore to Sunday lunch with my family at SM. I entitled this post Forever 21 cause well, I'm now 21! And I'm in Forever 21--not decked out head to toe but at least I'm in something Forever 21. I was supposed to do a head-to-toe Forever 21 post but when we got home that Sunday, my sister and I were so tired, we did not push through with our "shoot". (I planned on having a "shoot"--we'd shoot each other's outfits for blog posts we could use when in a blogging stump)

This is a scheduled post. I don't know if we'd be eating out tonight (or maybe saving it for Friday), so I'll just be a good and ready blogger and queue a post just in case!

Trivia: Did you know that I share birthdays with Cheyser, my ninang Ana, Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Mick Jagger and Taylor Momsen? Speaking of which, I should've done a rocker-inspired look a la Taylor Momsen or Mick Jagger.




bag: OASAP
top: Uniqlo
jacket and dog tag: Chubby's (my brother's)
shoes: Feebee's

This is what I wore to school today, my last day of being 20.

It was pretty chilly so I took advantage of the weather and covered up. I've had Camille Co's recent military inspired look in mind so that's what I used for inspiration. I felt like I was in a cosmopolitan city such as Hong Kong (or heck, even New York) in this outfit. I loved that it was simple, chic yet felt young and grown-up at the same time, if that's even possible. :) I just wish the photos did justice to my outfit. #bloggerproblem :(

Anyway, today was a pretty amazing day. In some ways, I even felt that today was my birthday cause I had a good feeling the whole day. I was productive (finished all my errands) and met up with Mimi and Jun after about a month and a half (a year in SOUL Lifestyle days!!). Sometimes I feel as if with birthdays there are added pressures--for example, I'd probably feel sad if someone didn't greet me, or something that's been bugging me for days: if I have to eat alone tomorrow--things like that. I guess that's why I enjoyed today; I didn't need to expect today to be perfect because I knew it wasn't my day. I realized that I shouldn't bank on having THE perfect day just cause it's my birthday tomorrow. Some deep 20-year old musings, right? HAHA

Good night! :)

Hollywood Burgers


My bold burger. I ate mine sans veggies :|

Last Sunday, my family and I ate at Hollywood Burgers at Gaisano Mall. It's a burger place with a diner concept, and I love diners. There's just something about them that screams comfort food! My mom told my dad, who loves burgers as much as I do, to try it. My mom and I tried it the week before and even though she is not a fan of burgers, she loved it.

The good
The food, of course! The patties were delicious and flavorful, definitely worth the wait. My parents just ordered 3 burgers to share but really, they should've ordered one each. The wait makes you hungry. Plus, it's so good you'd really look for more. We also tried the shake. It was creamy but for me, it could've used a bit more ice. The fries were also good, a crispier version of KFC's. I also loved the director seats, they were really comfy and they were something new to the usual seats in Davao.

The bad
THE SERVICE!!!! The service was horrible! I'm sorry but I really tried to be understanding but the service was infuriating--like they didn't have a system. The crew were running around like headless chicken, so of course, they really couldn't accommodate us. Some of the bad stuff that happened to us: our burgers arrived before our fries. I know, right? Burgers take about 20-30minutes to arrive and we had already eaten our burgers and everything, yet still no fries. The drinks also take too long to arrive, even water. My dad had to call the waitress' attention thrice. Totally unrelated to this visit but the last time my mom and I ate there, people who arrived later than we did got their order first..and to think we just ordered 1 burger (every order is important, no matter what!!). Lastly, when we were about to get our bill, I had to help the cashier and 2 other waitresses sort everything out. Nightmare!

I hope they'd soon fix their system. I'd hate to see people turned off by the bad service when in fact, they have good food. Maybe they should assign their staff to certain zones of the resto so they don't get confused when it comes to getting the bill (for example: it'd be like this is so and so's zone so she would be the go-to person for that particular zone). As a burger lover, I'll definitely be back..but I'll probably have my burgers to go!

Have you tried Hollywood Burgers? Well, what can you say?



bag: OASAP

Say hello to my new bag from  OASAP!

It just came in the mail today (in time for my birthday. haha) and I love it!! I can use it for traveling or for going out or what..but I think I will be using it in school! Love how classy it is yet it makes a statement even though it's just black. If people are shoe-holics, I can definitely say I'm a bag-aholic. I am crushing on so many bags right now!!! Will post a few of my lust list soon! :)

What do you think? :)

Part of Me


This is what I wore to school last Wednesday. Like I said last time, I'd probably be back to boring Farrah this week. When I asked my sister to take my outfit photo, she told me "What do I take a photo of? Your outfit's too simple" Despite the simplicity, I like this set. The colors jump out (even though I always carry the same bag and now, I keep wearing these shoes) and I feel like you can see the real me.

How Can You Hate This Body??


Meet Kate Upton. I just met her today via this Yahoo! article so if you think she's hot, Google her. Anyway, what is so special about her? To start of with the positive ones, she landed the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and a GQ cover as well. On the other hand, she's been subject to controversy recently when a skinny blog wrote that she has “huge thighs, NO waist and big fat floppy boobs.” Also, “She looks like a squishy brick. Is this what American women are ‘striving’ for now? The lazy, lardy look. Have we really gotten so fat in this country that Kate is the best we can aim for? Sorry, but: eww!”

Um, if Kate is fat, what would that make me?

Kate Upton

I think she has just the right kind of bikini body, as well as a body I'd die just trying to have. Anyway, since the controversy, the skinny blogger vowed to change the content of her blog.

Kate Upton

Peace and love, people!!

What do you think? Her body is smashing, right??

Wishlist: Jolie Moi


Found this new shop Jolie Moi via Wickedying's blog. I checked it out and saw that even though they had fewer clothing choices than other online shops, these were well chosen. I love the fact that they have SIZES, Like for this leather jacket, they have it til size 14! That is good news for European sized Asians like me, whose choices when it comes to clothes are limited online.



I went to Manila because I was able to book a cheap flight when Cebu Pacific went on sale. Anyway, one day, my baby Raei chatted me up on Facebook and asked if I'd be able to attend her debut. Miraculously, it fell on the same weekend as the flight I booked. I was soooo happy! I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Here are some photos from the party of my friends and I: 

Wednesday Wishlist: Birthday Edition!


Wishlist by farrahgarcia featuring a shimmer eyeshadow

Hi guys!

So, my birthday is coming up in 12 days and I will be... Forever 21. Here are some of the things I am wishing for:

1) A surprise something.
My cousins surprised me on my 18th birthday but I haven't tried being surprised by my friends. I just remembered Valentine's Day in Ateneo with the gimmicks like the flowers, signs, cakes and shiz and as much as it pains my pride to admit it, I want that. :( Though I guess I have to keep dreaming cause it's not like I'd even have someone to lunch with on my birthday. (Sorry I sound so negative, but I'm being real here) Friends, call me on my birthday at 12nn-1pm while I'm having lunch, just so I don't feel alone please :(

1. a) letters from my friends in Manila would also be nice, although I'm not counting on it cause I know they are busy.
(letters nalang cause I always give them that!!)

2) Bags.
My "dream bag" used to be a Mulberry Alexa but now I am lusting over Proenza Schouler's PS1, available in beautiful and bright colors. le sigh

3) Spiked shoes.
I have been eyeing them since forever!! They have it in Heur Sheen, Romwe, OASAP, etc!

4) Gift checks or money
('nuff said)
Cheyser, I am counting on the gift checkS, as you promised birthday buddy! =))

5) Books.
Some books I want are still here, but the list includes Perks of Being a Wallflower, Can I have your number (Sophie Kinsella), Chicken Soup books (except the first ed, teens and college cause I have those) and Gossip Girl books. Any chic lit book actually--light and fluffy, like cotton candy! :)

6) Quintessential iPhone/camera/laptop
though I doubt this will happen.

7) make-up brushes and make-up

8) Accessories
Hint: I'm a huge necklace girl!
I want those that are timeless yet make a statement and can be worn everyday; something that would last long and wouldn't tarnish easily.

Brands I am eyeing: Love Diva, Island Girl

So there! :)
Lemme just say, it was quite hard to think of stuff to ask!!

Manila Haul



awkward pose!!

top: Uniqlo
turban: Forever 21
loafers: Tomato

I am back in Davao after my (roughly) 36-hour trip to Manila!

This is what I wore yesterday to mass and dinner at Grab a Crab (our first time to try the place). I wore everything besides the turban to the airport. :)) I wore it for a pop of color to my plain outfit. I kind of regret it cause it kind of made my head look weird, but at the same time, I love the mix of colors. When I was in Forever 21, I couldn't let it go!

So sorry for the low quality, orange-y tint photos. These were taken indoors :( Anyway, will be blogging about my Manila trip (and what I got) in the coming days!
Stay tuned! ;)

Trendspotting: Sportswear


The June 2012 Preview saw the "Call Me Maybe" girls--Anne, Solenn, Liz, Belle and Georgina--all decked out in 2012 Balenciaga sportswear-inspired pieces. This trend is making waves now, probably because of the upcoming Olympics (opening a day after my birthday)! Vogue US also featured an amazing cover and editorial featuring their athletes and my favorite model Karlie Kloss.

July so far


How is my birthday month treating me? So far, so fine.

*Sunday Figaro date with my Feebums
*Pasta Bolognese
*White Chocolate coffee somethingamajig
*Lettering plate (Hope I don't repeat!)
*Our plate last Wednesday.
I used a techpen and T-square for the first time! Andddd, my teacher said it looked great (He didnt see the smudge on the upper right corner where I went out of line when my classmate hit me)

Manila later!! I will be going out with Cheys and Mia!
and tomorrow, I will see my friends again! Total bliss :)

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Campaign for Curves

Gain 5-29 Pounds
Why Be Skinny?
Sex Appeal

Some vintage ads I saw in a Yahoo! article back when women wanted to get fat. It's amazing to note that these were from some 50-60 years ago, and now society is worshiping the opposite end of the rainbow. Don't get me wrong, that by posting this, I am saying MY body type is the best. It's not; I do go to the gym to lose some weight. But let me tell you, I used to think it was so unfair that us plus sized girls were looked down upon and for a time, I was angry/envious of skinny people cause it seemed that they had it so easy. These views changed when I learned more about body types and how everything works. I think the body which we have now is just a mixture of things we can control (like eating and discipline during exercise) vs things we can't (like genetics).

So, I can't exactly hate skinny people for being born skinny BUT I can hate (probably too strong a word) chide myself for not working hard enough or not eating right. Work on the things you CAN change. And it's not about body types. It's about being healthy and happy in the skin you're in!


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