Forever Young


top: Uniqlo
skirt: H&M (from Allan)
shoes: Tomato

Something simple and comfortable yet youthful.

In 8 days time, I will be 21. I was looking at myself in the mirror awhile ago and saw up close that my face was starting to look (for no other way to put it) older than it is. I guess I am paranoid--imagining fine lines where there aren't any--even though my freshmen classmates once told me that it wasn't obvious I'd be 21 soon. I like this set (posting more photos than usual, have you noticed??) because I look young here. =) Oh well. It's weird!! 21 definitely sounds older than it feels!

Sorry I've been a bad blogger for not posting yesterday and the other day. I need to keep posting just so you guys would keep visiting but I can only hope for consistency when it comes to my blog. A patient, amazing photographer and closets upon closets full of clothes might help too!

How was your day?
xx :)


  1. Hey Far! You look great as usual! Awww you're turning 21?! How I love that age! Advance happy birthday Farrah! Are you in Davao? By the way, what's your favorite color? =)

  2. P.S. your pink flats are sooooo cute! I want! =)



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