Trendspotting: Sportswear


The June 2012 Preview saw the "Call Me Maybe" girls--Anne, Solenn, Liz, Belle and Georgina--all decked out in 2012 Balenciaga sportswear-inspired pieces. This trend is making waves now, probably because of the upcoming Olympics (opening a day after my birthday)! Vogue US also featured an amazing cover and editorial featuring their athletes and my favorite model Karlie Kloss.

Here's how the Philippines top fashion bloggers are doing it!

Tip: Take inspiration from a particular sport and wear it as street wear. Sportswear this time around have sleek and form-fitting silhouettes and not slouchy (as most people in the gym dress) ones. Just look for details such as thick elastic strapping, drawstrings, buckles, hoods, racerbacks and collegiate colors. White is also safe. :)

Hope you got some inspiration! :)

PS. I am probably at my friend Raei's debut now so thank God for scheduled posts! :))


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    1. I love them too, but my fave is definitely Georgina :) thanks for visiting my blog :)

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