bag: OASAP
top: Uniqlo
jacket and dog tag: Chubby's (my brother's)
shoes: Feebee's

This is what I wore to school today, my last day of being 20.

It was pretty chilly so I took advantage of the weather and covered up. I've had Camille Co's recent military inspired look in mind so that's what I used for inspiration. I felt like I was in a cosmopolitan city such as Hong Kong (or heck, even New York) in this outfit. I loved that it was simple, chic yet felt young and grown-up at the same time, if that's even possible. :) I just wish the photos did justice to my outfit. #bloggerproblem :(

Anyway, today was a pretty amazing day. In some ways, I even felt that today was my birthday cause I had a good feeling the whole day. I was productive (finished all my errands) and met up with Mimi and Jun after about a month and a half (a year in SOUL Lifestyle days!!). Sometimes I feel as if with birthdays there are added pressures--for example, I'd probably feel sad if someone didn't greet me, or something that's been bugging me for days: if I have to eat alone tomorrow--things like that. I guess that's why I enjoyed today; I didn't need to expect today to be perfect because I knew it wasn't my day. I realized that I shouldn't bank on having THE perfect day just cause it's my birthday tomorrow. Some deep 20-year old musings, right? HAHA

Good night! :)

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