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Pardon the boring title but I just couldn't think of anything creative!

Just showing you what I got using the Multiply Discount Code they gave at the Multiply event about 2 weeks ago. I got myself Nyx Lip Cream in Tokyo (photo on the right shows me wearing it. I love it cause it just looks natural) and I got my mother Milani Illuminating Face Powder, which can act as a blush, bronzer and highlighting powder. Both are from Digital Traincase.

I also got this book from Books for Keeps because I couldn't think of what clothes to get and I was scared they might not fit. Personally, I think my subconscious is telling me to take a break from fashion and go back to my nerdy bibliophile self. Besides, I read the first 2 books of Queen of Babble and I was dying to know what happened. BTW, she didn't end up with the guy I was rooting for! In the 1st and 2nd book, he sounded so perfect. In the 3rd book, he behaved like a total ass. (Yes, I finished reading it already!)

A tip: 
Follow Multiply on twitter (@shopatmultiply). Every so often, they have this thing called Multiply Discount Frenzy wherein they tweet discount codes so you can shop and save as much as 500php!

Manila tomorrow!


  1. Nice color the lipstick :)
    xoxo Mina, from THE STYLE FEVER :)

  2. hahaha! I feel the same way Far! :) I'm being all lazy that I just wear flats almost everyday now! My feet are not complaining at all! :)) I'm also back to my geeky bookworm self. Reading an Ebook entitled Why Men Love Bitches? Must Read! Next I'm joining the bandwagon of fifty shades of gray. :)) erotica.

    1. Sometimes its refreshing to be just your yagit pre-blogger days self kwesh no? HAHA. anyway, akala ko meron ka nung actual book, hiramin ko sana. intrigued ako :))



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