Hollywood Burgers


My bold burger. I ate mine sans veggies :|

Last Sunday, my family and I ate at Hollywood Burgers at Gaisano Mall. It's a burger place with a diner concept, and I love diners. There's just something about them that screams comfort food! My mom told my dad, who loves burgers as much as I do, to try it. My mom and I tried it the week before and even though she is not a fan of burgers, she loved it.

The good
The food, of course! The patties were delicious and flavorful, definitely worth the wait. My parents just ordered 3 burgers to share but really, they should've ordered one each. The wait makes you hungry. Plus, it's so good you'd really look for more. We also tried the shake. It was creamy but for me, it could've used a bit more ice. The fries were also good, a crispier version of KFC's. I also loved the director seats, they were really comfy and they were something new to the usual seats in Davao.

The bad
THE SERVICE!!!! The service was horrible! I'm sorry but I really tried to be understanding but the service was infuriating--like they didn't have a system. The crew were running around like headless chicken, so of course, they really couldn't accommodate us. Some of the bad stuff that happened to us: our burgers arrived before our fries. I know, right? Burgers take about 20-30minutes to arrive and we had already eaten our burgers and everything, yet still no fries. The drinks also take too long to arrive, even water. My dad had to call the waitress' attention thrice. Totally unrelated to this visit but the last time my mom and I ate there, people who arrived later than we did got their order first..and to think we just ordered 1 burger (every order is important, no matter what!!). Lastly, when we were about to get our bill, I had to help the cashier and 2 other waitresses sort everything out. Nightmare!

I hope they'd soon fix their system. I'd hate to see people turned off by the bad service when in fact, they have good food. Maybe they should assign their staff to certain zones of the resto so they don't get confused when it comes to getting the bill (for example: it'd be like this is so and so's zone so she would be the go-to person for that particular zone). As a burger lover, I'll definitely be back..but I'll probably have my burgers to go!

Have you tried Hollywood Burgers? Well, what can you say?


  1. Omg, tell me about it. I was just there Tuesday night! The burgers where pretty good. I had the Salma Hayek burger. The patties were pretty well sized and yes, flavorful indeed. As for the fries, they were ok, Harley's chili cheese fries is far better. But thumbs down on the service. We were given seat and the menu. We were ready to order but they seemed to be taking everyone else's orders except ours. Funny thing is they even placed napkins and gave us water and we told the waiter we were ready to order and he said "ok ma'am." he went to go to the counter to get paper and pen and then he completely forgot about us and took another person's order and then cleaned someone else's table. tsk tsk

  2. I was not pleased with their burger or their service. I was curious to what Hollywood Burgers had to offer because a few people that I know keep raving about how good their burgers were and so on, but when me and my boyfriend finally tried them I was disappointed. i've had way better tasting burgers than the ones at HB such as Fuddruckers or from local burger joints such as Spaceburger. I do want to maybe give them another try and see if they can change my mind. ;)

    1. Where is Fuddruckers? I want to try! Hmm Spaceburger--I used to love them but the patties are too small for my taste na. Its good for satisfying cravings though :)

  3. Yeah, the patties for Spaceburger may be thin, but the quality of the taste surpasses any other burger patties no matter what size. The double cheeseburger is good for those who prefer thick burger patties. :) Well, I don't know if they have Fuddruckers in Manila, but the ones I've gone to are in the Houston, Texas area. You get to choose your burger patty size (1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb, etc.) then all the condiments (pickles, onions, cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, etc) are unlimited coz they have it in a buffet style table. :) I am still crossing my fingers for a really good burger place to open in davao, until then we'll have to settle for what we have now or make your own at home. ;)



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