Manila Trip Photodiary


from Cheyser and Vern's instagram

photo from Ayessa's Instagram

Photos of what happened during my 36 hour trip back to the city!


*wine night at Beso with Cheys, Mia and Vern
(Cheyser and Mia kidnapped me from the airport and we met up with Vern at Beso. Just found out that the 4 of us will be going out when I already arrived in Manila. I was totally not dressed and prepared for a night out!! And I told Vern how scared I was because the last time we went out.. haha nevermind)

*view from the KEM tambayan
Sadly, I don't have photos with everyone 'cause they were on their way home from class :(
It was nice to see everyone though!!

*lunch with Mithi at Mom and Tina's
Mine was chicken spinach lasagna, Mithi's was pesto. It was awesome when we met up at our usual meeting place (Yakal waiting shed). It brought so much memories of our "anti-social" dinners with Dex!!! :")

*shopping with Ayessa (my bestfriend in nursery and loyal blog reader HAHA) at Forever 21
Sometimes I can't believe it's been 16 years! :)

*me with Audrey at Raei's birthday
(separate blog post for that!!)

and after, I went to Eastwood for Cindel's birthday salubong!
Sad I missed Heidi but glad I arrived just in time, as in the clock struck 12mn!

Never knew how much you could do in 36hrs! I definitely relax and procrastinate too much! :))


  1. Jampacked 36hours! I had to leave before you arrived. Boo me. Will make it up to you next time. :)

    1. Boo! I'LL make it up to you! :( love you torralbi!! :)

  2. ang payat ni mithi.... kumain ka naman mithi!!! please lang! hahahaha



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